Our favourite #AskOssie questions for Everton’s Leon Osman

The best tweets for everyone's favourite Evertonian, ahead of his testimonial match this weekend.

Leon Osman playing for Everton before his #AskOssie Twitter Q&A
ANSWERED QUESTIONS: Osman (Image: nicksarebi)

The best #AskOssie tweets for everyone’s favourite Evertonian Leon Osman, ahead of his testimonial match this weekend.

The Everton stalwart answered various dull queries live on air with evertontv, but the real entertainment was to be had away from the studio.

Check out our favourite #AskOssie questions for Leon Osman:

'@Osman21Leon is in position and ready to start answering your questions soon. Use #AskOssie pic.twitter.com/zF1F6INmar

— Everton (@Everton) July 31, 2014

What's Hibbert's favourite cheese? #AskOssie

— Little Al © (@EvertonAl) July 30, 2014

#AskOssie Admit it, Nikki Minaj is no more than a 4/10

— Naisy (@DrivingMeNaisy) July 30, 2014

#AskOssie What's harder? 1) Realising Everton Have spent £28mil on one player. 2)Controlling a simple pass against Sunderland. 3) Your shot.

— Farrell (@JoshTFarrell) July 31, 2014

#AskOssie Is it true you're really 21 and have just had a hard life?

— Everton Moaner (@EvertonMoaner) July 31, 2014

@Everton @Leon21Osman You signed my nephews boots a few weeks ago & he hadn't scored since. Explain yourself? #AskOssie

— Lukaku Is A Blue (@BarkleyIsABlue) July 31, 2014

#AskOssie during the alphabet song why do we sing the letters l m n o p really really fast

— Greg E ???? (@BracewellsBoots) July 31, 2014

#AskOssie Is it true you & Baines stand on Rom's feet after training & he walks you around FF, then you all laugh & high-5 & cuddle Roberto?

— •The•Blue•Took• (@TheBlueTook) July 31, 2014

#AskOssie do you get fed up hearing this all the time pic.twitter.com/uc6OmxYrOL

— Greg E ???? (@BracewellsBoots) July 31, 2014

#AskOssie do you miss your energetic midfield partnership with @fizzer18 ? Because I don't one bit.

— George Farr (@gfarr92) July 31, 2014

#AskOssie on a scale of cheeky nandos to getsmashedonfostersLAD how LADBible are you?

— AreTheseFunnyYet? (@0ASlS) July 31, 2014

#AskOssie How mahy times have you got the blues when looking at this lovely scoreline? pic.twitter.com/Jhir5pinSH

— Ash_LFC (@zodman100) July 31, 2014

'@pi_po27 I don't think so. I do feel that I have got the moves but I like to just save them for parties!

— Everton (@Everton) July 31, 2014


— Scott Akerman (@sakerman29) July 31, 2014

@Everton didn't even answer my question, I'm supporting Liverpool ynwa

— Finn (@Finn______) July 31, 2014

@Everton @Osman21Leon osmans got 4 wheeley bins 2 are from next door

— Yank Hughes (@yankov22) July 31, 2014