More Wayne Rooney jokes after dive against Preston

Like the Rooney dives themselves, these jokes just keep on coming.

Wayne Rooney jokes are about this guy
When it Waynes, it pours (Image: Gordon Flood)

Here are some more Wayne Rooney jokes to have been tweeted in the wake of the Manchester United star’s perceived dive in last night’s 3-1 FA Cup win at Preston North End.

You know, this one…

Good news, the FA can't stop me. I feel like I have a right to transmit images that show Rooney is a cheat: pic.twitter.com/iZLZSWFyLr

— 7amkickoff (@7amkickoff) February 17, 2015

We dare say that’ll’ve been pulled down before long and you’ll be looking at some kind of error message, so if you can see it then do congratulate yourself for being quick off the mark.


Now let’s crack open those Wayne Rooney jokes…

After being charged by the FA for the assault on Rooney the piece of turf asked: 'Who grassed me up?' pic.twitter.com/G9o407QAOx

— Sean O' Donovan (@henriksen1) February 17, 2015

Let's take another look at the Rooney diving incident from last night… http://t.co/93suVw3sJT

— Not Match of the Day (@NOT_MOTD) February 17, 2015

Thank You Van Gaal- people have started hating Manutd again. I missed this most under Moyes.http://t.co/8nOC05lpTh pic.twitter.com/DHeOUmKc11

— Palash Agrawal (@drpalashagrawal) February 17, 2015

Is it a good time to play United in the FA Cup? Maybe yes. Has Rooney already gone to ground? I don't know.

— Wenger Knows Best (@wengerknowsbest) February 17, 2015

Rooney's diving abilities are so underrated, he's been class at it since he first arrived. Doesn't go down theatrically – just convincingly.

— Dong ThanksYou (@ConstantRed) February 17, 2015

Rooney's dive made me £25 off a free bet. I'm so disgusted I'll probably end up giving it all back to Skybet this week

— Russ Cockburn (@Dwarfio) February 17, 2015

When Wayne Rooney was at school he was probably that ugly kid that smelt of Wotsits.

— Helly (@IAmHellsBells) February 17, 2015

Totally respect for Rooney , he dived and his hair stayed in place …..

— JIMBO GOON (@JIMBOGOON) February 17, 2015

Rooney RT @SportsBreakfast: WATCH: @BroadcastMoose to show you how to take 'evasive action' from potential hazards https://t.co/cSYfNnDb1x

— galtee gunner (@galteegunner) February 17, 2015