More Southampton jokes after Morgan Schneiderlin tweet

More, more, more after an angry Morgan Schneiderlin took to Twitter to reveal his feelings as the club sell off their star players.

Kicking off against Cardiff in 2013, little did they know that the Southampton jokes were coming this summer
Southampton… Last season (Image: Jon Candy)

Even more Southampton jokes after an angry Morgan Schneiderlin took to Twitter to reveal his feelings regarding the current situation as the club continue to sell off their star players.


Both he and Jay Rodriguez are rumoured to have now been told they cannot leave the club and perhaps this is the real reason for Schneiderlin’s frustration.

After his slightly cryptic tweet, check out the latest Southampton jokes:

Something's else has gone wrong at Southampton in the last hour. #SaintsFC pic.twitter.com/GkDkDZ47KF

— FourFourTweet (@FourFourTweet) July 29, 2014

Kruger "we have a clear strategic plan for this summer" What, to just sell everyone?! #saintsfc

— Georgie Bingham (@georgiebingham) July 29, 2014

Levy after reading Schneiderlin's Tweet. #thfc #saintsfc pic.twitter.com/UPrslMqvhK

— ?ikow ™® (@Mikow_) July 29, 2014

Really Schneiderlin? You said " 6 years of an amazing journey destroyed in 1 hour? How about 32,000 dreams smashed in 5 players! #saintsfc

— ChelseaSFC?? (@chelsea_bowers) July 29, 2014

Southampton are refusing to sell Schneiderlin and Rodriguez to Tottenham because they see them as a threat in the relegation battle #Tactics

— El Niño Maravilla (@DareToGooner) July 29, 2014

It's been a grim summer for Southampton. #SaintsFC pic.twitter.com/wXETiOfFGO

— Football__Tweet (@Football__Tweet) July 29, 2014

@DejanLovren05 this is what happens when you leave #saintsfc and move up North. Your next #burgerboy pic.twitter.com/f6pCl5srVS

— Saints Mike (@Mike7167) July 29, 2014

Is anyone still on Southampton's Whatsapp? #saintsfc pic.twitter.com/yQwTQ3Tbp2

— BetVictor (@BetVictor) July 29, 2014

It is time to demand players now make a pledge of allegiance to a giant picture of Ronald Koeman every morning before training #saintsfc

— Deppo (@DeppoInExile) July 29, 2014

Ralph Kruger: "Morgan #Schneiderlin is not for sale." Translation: "Daniel Levy at Spurs offered me £5million for him." #southampton

— Darren Lewis (@MirrorDarren) July 29, 2014

So @SouthamptonFC to sell club shop to @tescoexpressuk #greatlocation #everythingmustgo #saintsfc

— Dan Saint (@Sainty99) July 29, 2014

So annoyed, how can a football club be the envy of others to be the biggest joke in the country? When will this nightmare end? #saintsfc

— Chris (@cj_garrett) July 29, 2014

My suggestion to all #saintsfc fans is this. We've been through worse, 5 year ago we were nearly liquidated. #COYR pic.twitter.com/MWtPBmxbRo

— Saints Mike (@Mike7167) July 29, 2014