More Mexico keeper Guillermo Ochoa jokes after Holland loss

Even he could not save Mexico from World Cup elimination after a 2-1 defeat against Holland.

The best Guillermo Ochoa jokes as Mexico go out of the World Cup in Brazil 2014, but not before some stunning saves like this
Ochoa and out (Image: ABr)

More Guillermo Ochoa jokes as even he could not save Mexico from World Cup elimination after a 2-1 defeat against Holland.

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AND! DID YOU MISS? The best Guillermo Ochoa jokes as Mexico goalkeeper shines in goalless draw with Brazil

Another heroic performance from the goalkeeper of the tournament so far ultimately ended in disappointment, but not before some stunning stops kept the Netherlands at bay for almost 90 minutes.

Check out the best Guillermo Ochoa jokes as he faced a penalty and more during the loss to Holland that sent Mexico out of Brazil 2014.

The love for Ochoa is real out here pic.twitter.com/6hCui8vnw5

— RIP Tito (@messileftfoot) June 29, 2014


— She Wants Da Chorizo (@ShiWantsTheC) June 29, 2014

When you manage to score against Ochoa pic.twitter.com/dqH54fMRPa

— Cyprian, Is Nyakundi (@C_NyaKundiH) June 29, 2014

Live picture of #MEX goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa pic.twitter.com/BrYaPSryx3

— World Cup Jokes (@WorldCupJokes) June 29, 2014


— C3? (@seetr3s) June 29, 2014

Holland attackers to Ochoa right now.. pic.twitter.com/spm790EJoT

— Soccer Memes (@FBSoccerMemes) June 29, 2014

Great Wall of Ochoa! pic.twitter.com/qdpcCe6MUP

— #FUHKcollege (@fuhkcollege) June 29, 2014

Ochoa's amazing play is becoming a caricature of itself

— Ethan Strauss (@SherwoodStrauss) June 29, 2014

Whichever 2016 presidential candidate promises to nominate Memo Ochoa for Secretary of Defense has my vote.

— Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) June 29, 2014

I swear I almost just saw Ochoa's wings.

— Chief (@BarcaChief) June 29, 2014

The referee asks Mike Herrera what Memo Ochoa eats for breakfast. #NEDvMEX pic.twitter.com/FafTquThk5

— Soccer Gods (@soccergods) June 29, 2014

Ochoa probably horrible at Twitter. Blocks everyone. #Mexico

— Peter Burns (@PeterBurnsRadio) June 29, 2014

If aliens ever attack the earth we should send Memo Ochoa to stop them #MEXvsNED #WorldCup

— Aaron Yoo + Merlin (@MerlinWizDawg) June 29, 2014

Back when me and Ochoa graduated together good times pic.twitter.com/oVbW6jbmZf

— Angel Chavez (@thatAverageKid6) June 29, 2014

If Ochoa saves this I'm buying the 12 pack taco box

— Diego Ramos (@akaRambo_) June 29, 2014

Live pictures of Ochoa foo. pic.twitter.com/RPQts9ZfFC

— Danny Siwek (@DannySiwek15) June 29, 2014

I guess the one thing Ochoa couldn't save was himself

— Dan (@EliteFourDan) June 29, 2014

Those Ochoa condoms probably got a girl pregnant by now…

— Ajv (@ajv_aj) June 29, 2014

I'm going to miss you, Ochoa, and how you save every shot with your throat and face pic.twitter.com/8yOIEvVbpa

— Arturo Bandini (@The0therBond) June 29, 2014

So it's been confirmed, Ochoa ain't Jesus after all. Who knew?

— Ellen (@_ParamoreBaby_) June 29, 2014

OCHOA will never have to pay for a cab in #MEX again

— FIFAWorldCup (@ThaWorldCup) June 29, 2014

Still a fan of Ochoa. His hair is almost as feathered and lethal as mine. #NEDvsMEX pic.twitter.com/3DTwWjYFBD

— White Goodman (@White_Goodman_) June 29, 2014

"Somebody is going to pay big money for Ochoa" says Adrian Chiles. Ochoa, who is a free agent that is.

— Sean (@TalkOfTheBridge) June 29, 2014

Chicharito tried to play goalie for that penalty kick, Ochoa said no.

— 2014 World Cup (@2014WorIdCup) June 29, 2014

Hope nobody asked Guillermo Ochoa to smile when he was presented with his man of the match award today #ned #mex pic.twitter.com/X2kn8ddWoB

— Bleacher Report UK (@br_uk) June 29, 2014


— Rasix (@r4six) June 29, 2014

Team #MEX goalie, Ochoa finds a new job after a sensational comeback from the #Ned pic.twitter.com/6OeCKFZuzy

— Cristiano Ronaldo (@RMadridFever) June 29, 2014

Memo Ochoa at it again! Showing his feelings towards Robben! ?????? pic.twitter.com/DxRov8iKNC

— Bella Garcia (@bellagarciaaaa) June 30, 2014

Robben dived in the last minute.. pic.twitter.com/JfYPy4ceXl

— GeniusFootball (@GeniusFootball) June 30, 2014