More jokes as Sky suspend Jamie Carragher for spitting out of car window

Spitgate continues apace.

There were more jokes about Jamie Carragher spitting out of his car window as Sky suspended him on Monday
NO SPITTING: Carragher (Image: CEphoto, Uwe Aranas)

Jamie Carragher spitgate rumbled on today as Sky Sports confirmed that the pundit would not be appearing on Monday Night Football alongside Gary Neville for Stoke’s clash with Manchester City.

After appearing to spit on a 14-year-old girl sitting alongside her father following Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat at Manchester United, the seemingly contrite star could be seen apologising on the news all day.

Also continuing apace, more jokes about Jamie Carragher spitting out of his car window:

Gary Neville analysing where Jamie Carragher’s sky career went wrong.. pic.twitter.com/BJxDrv8P0h

— ARL: Sports (@ARLSports) March 12, 2018


Jamie Carragher is now favourite to be the new James Bond, based on the books of Ian Phlegming.

— Rob Summerfield (@RobSummerfield1) March 12, 2018

It’s about time Jamie Carragher leant to swallow

— Calling All Astronauts (@CAA_Official) March 12, 2018

If someone doesn't ask El-Hadji Diouf about the Jamie Carragher spitting incident, the world is broken.

— Marc Iles (@MarcIles) March 12, 2018

Jamie Carragher is being hounded out for spitting at a young girl yet Harry Kane’s been spitting at people for years every time he talks

— AFC GLEN (@AFC_GLEN) March 12, 2018


Motorists. Smear Hellman's mayonnaise on your face to fool fellow road users into thinking you've just had an altercation with Jamie Carragher @TwopTwips

— Will Grayson (@WillGrayson15) March 12, 2018

Vinnie Jones sounds like Harry Enfield’s self righteous brothers here; I love Jamie Carragher but if he came round my street in an ice cream van and spat on my daughter as she was trying to buy a Mint Magnum, I’d say, oi Carragher, NO… pic.twitter.com/ku9UGaLKTh

— TheCobrasConk (@TheCobrasConk) March 12, 2018

I could swear I just drove past sky pundit Jamie Carragher there in his car…. ….Well if it wasn't him, it was his spitting image!

— ⚒happy Hammer.⚒ (@brooking1980) March 12, 2018

So poor Jamie Carragher says he was “goaded” three or four times. Need to try Millwall away pal.

— Nick Manning (@nickmann1ng) March 12, 2018

Sky Sports production team turning up to work with Jamie Carragher pic.twitter.com/PRz6rpPURQ

— Ewen Cameron (@EwenDCameron) March 12, 2018

Got tickets for An Evening With Jamie Carragher… pic.twitter.com/MUprUvO7OF

— . (@FinKitch) March 12, 2018


BREAKING NEWS: @SkySports say Jamie Carragher will not be sacked but measures will be put in place to prevent anyone else from being spat on by the Liverpool pundit. pic.twitter.com/rGeVAysluJ

— Patrick (Pa) Ward (@PatrickWard_) March 12, 2018

Sky Sports open investigation into Jamie Carragher spitting incident: pic.twitter.com/2C9Ru5Bew0

— Have I Got News For You (@haveigotnews) March 12, 2018



Jamie Carragher can spit on me x

— s (@sophjacksxn) March 12, 2018