More jokes as Arsène Wenger rumoured to have signed new contract at Arsenal

Arsenal Supporters' Trust said to be "extremely concerned".

There were more jokes as Arsène Wenger was rumoured to have signed a new contract at Arsenal

With unconfirmed press reports abound that manager Arsène Wenger is set to stay at Arsenal having signed a new two-year deal despite fan pressure to leave, these are the best jokes.

Following a 3-1 defeat to West Brom at the weekend, calls for the coach to quit the club have grown ever louder.

The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust is said to be “extremely concerned about the current situation” and plans to survey members for their feelings on the matter.

With Arsène Wenger rumoured to have signed new contract at Arsenal, here are the best of the jokes:

The year is 2029 and Giroud is working as a limo driver so he can fund medication for Wenger who says he's communicating with a new player pic.twitter.com/7x7Fgx6sNq

— Footy Jokes (@Footy_Jokes) March 19, 2017

Love how Arsene Wenger is basically self-employed.

— Conor Kelly (@ConorPacKelly) March 19, 2017

Gazidis lays down the law to Wenger pic.twitter.com/hXxKXyYujE

— 1886thGunners (@Timbo_Slice1991) March 19, 2017

Arsenal fans when Wenger finally decides to leave and there is a change at the club… pic.twitter.com/ndg6ycmWwl

— TheArseneView (@TheArseneView) March 19, 2017

Wenger could get stabbed and he'd still be at the next Arsenal game. He is indestructible.

— back again (@FootyHipstar) March 19, 2017

Look at what Arsenal have done to this kid.. pic.twitter.com/wM1gGzdbLb

— Ryan 🔴 (@Mkhi_Assist) March 19, 2017

Y'all need to respect Wenger, he's a fashion icon. pic.twitter.com/lmeTmdK9R3

— Mohamed ElNneny (@ElNnenyM) March 19, 2017

When you only manage a 1-1 draw but you remember neither of you are managing Arsenal. pic.twitter.com/Gpsat8Pd3G

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) March 19, 2017

Arsenal players were making a 4 in the corner, as a tribute to Arsene Wenger #Respect pic.twitter.com/QjP7jFmao7

— Troll Football (@Troll__Footbal) March 19, 2017

We will no longer be buying anything to do with your company as you sponsor a company that rewards failure! Arsenal @Emirates @CooperTire

— AW The Rise And Fall (@StuartSherry) March 20, 2017

Breaking footage of Arsene Wenger's big announcement… pic.twitter.com/qi9LQaFDEZ

— JOE.co.uk (@JOE_co_uk) March 20, 2017

Full song👉🏻https://t.co/KJFGvpKheu pic.twitter.com/MYd3DNxhgF

— ⚽️442oons⚽️ (@442oons) March 19, 2017

'Wenger Out' – coming soon to a random location near you. pic.twitter.com/uIEMC5OCIK

— Andy Ha (@_AndyHa) March 20, 2017

Be great if Arsenal called a Press Conference, Wenger gets all emotional, then announces he's staying, reads Kipling, and walks out.

— GeorgeWeahsCousin (@WeahsCousin) March 20, 2017

Year is 2045:

Wenger & Assistant manager Olivier Giroud on their way to manage Arsenal's opening match in League 2. pic.twitter.com/UYKzykZ0AA

— Wicky (@Wicknes007) March 20, 2017

😂😂😂@BeWarmers pic.twitter.com/9wpqW1aoVb

— SPORTbible (@TSBible) March 20, 2017

"Look fam, Wenger is STILL the right man for the J–" pic.twitter.com/gjYkRkDU8p

— Mike Sanz (@mikesanz19) March 20, 2017

What's happening at Arsenal and Wenger is just sad.
A bit like Elvis' last concerts….

— Jan Aage Fjortoft (@JanAageFjortoft) March 20, 2017