More FIFA 18 jokes on day of release

It's finally here.

Eden Hazard will be too busy playing the game to look at the FIFA 18 jokes, probably
IN THE GAME: Hazard (Image: BagoGames)

And here are the best of the FIFA 18 jokes from today, the day of the game’s full release in the UK.

The anticipation is over and those who were waiting will have finally had an opportunity to get their hands on the popular title after it became available at midnight.

So now here is a selection of the best FIFA 18 jokes so far:

This is the time of year where all the mandem pretend to air their babes whilst they play the latest FIFA for ratings off LADbible virgins

— ✂️ (@skeng) September 28, 2017

Getting FIFA 18, ladies I won’t be responding to texts or DM’s

— Wenger Out (@BasedChasen) September 29, 2017

Cashier hands #FIFA18 to me: "Enjoy"
Me: "You too…" pic.twitter.com/epy8puYxDz

— Chris Lowry (@Lowry_16) September 29, 2017

Just seen a lad eating 12 Weetabix (with milk) FROM A BUCKET, waiting in the queue to buy #FIFA18 at @asda Wakefield. Odd, odd lad.

— Dave Bill (@DaveBill_I_Am) September 28, 2017

You had a good run, old friend. 🗑️ #FIFA18 pic.twitter.com/86i4WEGPbr

— B/R Football (@brfootball) September 29, 2017

But did you really even buy Fifa 18 if you didn't take a picture of it on your front seat with a seatbelt on it

— stells (@_EstelleAmaliaa) September 29, 2017

A moment of silence for those lads that have called in sick today to play #FIFA18. Need to rethink your life choices #FIFAFriday

— MR SUPERPIDGE (@superpidge) September 29, 2017

Good news: I feature in FIFA 18. Bad news: My grammar pic.twitter.com/rkRhRfSrJ3

— Dean Jones (@DeanJonesBR) September 29, 2017

FIFA 17 deserved this pic.twitter.com/Sx2lDS2rpv

— Will➰ (@WillAndrew10) September 29, 2017

Your MCM is playing Fifa 17 today.

— 🐐 (@KayyExcellence) September 29, 2017

In 2017 why are people still going to GAME at midnight to get FIFA, are they texting from a Nokia as well?

— DoctorBenjyFM / Ben (@DoctorBenjy) September 29, 2017

Imagine lining up for Fifa 18 and your card gets declined ☹️

— Chat Nigga (@ShoRizzy) September 28, 2017

I've just downloaded Fifa 18 off the PS store and realised after I used my 3g, £750 of data. I want to fucking die.

— Liam🇧🇷 (@PhiICout) September 29, 2017

Boys play Fifa 18… Real men let their partners watch eastenders so they can play Championship Manager 01/02 #cm0102 pic.twitter.com/QKydCWWl0F

— cm0102legends (@cm0102legends) September 29, 2017

FIFA 18 Career mode? Completed it.

— Deluded Brendan (@DeludedBrendan) September 29, 2017

fifa dropped today. if your girl texted you today, drop her. do better, kings.

— ivan (@helloimivan) September 29, 2017

You’re going to hell if you missed that free kick on the Fifa 18 intro

— UGLY FACES (@Matt__x2) September 29, 2017

It’s 12:36 at night, Fifa was launched 36 minutes ago and my boyfriend has already played a match and stopped giving me attention 💔 #FIFA18

— ams (@AmyLisaaGiles) September 28, 2017

People mocking us for getting FIFA 18 at midnight, won't be laughing when Reiss Nelson is retired at 36 on career mode, by lunch time.

— Nosirrah Draw DTO (@PinHeadNos) September 28, 2017

Woke up and saw that my girlfriend bought me fifa. Obviously that means she doesn't exist so I've been crying all morning

— Waheed (@UpTheReds_) September 29, 2017

RIP to FIFA 17 🙏

29th September 2016 – 29th September 2017

Thank you for the memories 🙌 pic.twitter.com/JQ7vtZ03m2

— SPORF (@Sporf) September 29, 2017

When your mate says they can't wait to beat you on FIFA 18 later… pic.twitter.com/fa7dpYdNpI

— Soccer AM (@SoccerAM) September 29, 2017