More Dele Alli diving jokes after another one against Rochdale in the FA Cup

Secured a late penalty against League One side.

There were more Dele Alli diving jokes after another one against Rochdale in their 2-2 FA Cup fifth round draw
(Image: Дмитрий Голубович/soccer.ru)

Substitute Dele Alli managed to secure a late penalty for Spurs as they visited Spotland Stadium for an FA Cup fifth round clash with League One Rochdale on Sunday.

As the game dragged on with the scores level at 1-1, something like this was anticipated:

Spurs might have to bring Kane, Alli or Lamela on to dive for a penalty at this rate.

— Tim Bolton * (@timbolton1) February 18, 2018

Dele Alli dives and wins a penalty. Imagine my shock.

— Stray Offside (@StrayOffside_) February 18, 2018

It did look very much like the under-fire midfielder began to go down before any contact was made.

Harry Kane scored the resulting penalty and Tottenham celebrated what looked to be the winner before the home side snagged an added-time equaliser.

These are the best of the latest Dele Alli diving jokes after another one, this time during a 2-2 draw with lower-league Rochdale in the cup:

Dele Alli should take up diving as a profession.

— Richard Blockwell (@CheyeneDog) February 18, 2018

I fear for Dele Alli in old age pic.twitter.com/q7Hd8DFg95

— AASC (@1989andallthat) February 18, 2018

Has Dele Alli come up for air yet? #ROCTOT pic.twitter.com/AVH6TiV0cG

— Andrew Leach (@4ndrewJames) February 18, 2018

Alli dives again

The English media: pic.twitter.com/8zgFFtuhz4

— Niall (@Sanogology) February 18, 2018


Dele Alli at Bathtime pic.twitter.com/5XXmnT8yfW

— George Mann (@sgfmann) February 18, 2018

I actually think Dele Alli dives more in 90 minutes then David De Gea

— Cantona & Best (@bestcanton7) February 18, 2018


Alli goes down faster then a hooker on… Well Alli

— PhilHowarth (@PhilHowarth) February 18, 2018

[FA head quarters]
"Sir, we have a problem, it's Dele Alli"
"What about him?"
"Someone on the internet has done one of those RT if you think he should be banned tweets"
*silent pause*
"Well fuck. We better ban him then" https://t.co/etlZjcTRlW

— Becky (@becksthfc) February 18, 2018



Has Dele Alli landed yet?

— Paul Howard (@AkaPaulHoward) February 18, 2018



The replay of Dele Alli penalty #ROCTOT pic.twitter.com/VisoxSRoMV

— Trisimp (@Trisimp) February 18, 2018

Dele Alli consoles himself with a visit to the cinema. pic.twitter.com/FZZcWTejiR

— Nick Pettigrew (@Nick_Pettigrew) February 18, 2018

I want someone to tell me where Dele Alli rates on the morality rankings

— Nooruddean (@BeardedGenius) February 18, 2018

Just bumped into my TV & Dele Alli fell over

— ⚽️ T ⚽️ (shadow banned) (@gooner_toni) February 18, 2018

There is nothing likeable about Deli Alli.

— Steven (@StevenMcinerney) February 18, 2018


Dele Alli attempting stairs….. pic.twitter.com/CebDJkNB5v

— Rory Greenfield (@RoryGreenfield) February 18, 2018


Is Dele Alli a diver? Look, I don’t know. But, overall, I believe he is on his way to the Winter Olympics.

— Wenger Knows Best (@wengerknowsbest) February 18, 2018