More Brazil memes and jokes after German drubbing

More, more, more as the World Cup fallout continues...

The Fifa Fan Fest in Rio de Janeiro will not be amused by all these Brazil memes and jokes
SAD: Brazil (Image: Agência Brasil)

As the fallout continues, here is another set of Brazil memes and jokes following the hosts’ shocking 1-7 loss in the World Cup semi-final.


The footballing community is still reeling from the ridiculous result and a severely disappointed nation now awaits a dreaded 3rd place play-off against Holland.

While we wait, there are more Brazil memes and jokes following Germany’s 7-1 win:

I knew it bitches… pic.twitter.com/xoq73C7JGn

— GeniusFootball (@GeniusFootball) July 8, 2014

Greetings from Brazil pic.twitter.com/PwoBM1LrF1

— Tom Miller (@tomcmmiller) July 8, 2014

Stop praying to Me, Brazil. Even I can't help you now. #WorldCup

— God (@TheTweetOfGod) July 8, 2014

They'll have 5 mins added on for the time Cesar has spent picking the ball out of the net.

— Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) July 8, 2014

If only there was a German word for schadenfreude

— Patrick Smith (@psmith) July 8, 2014

Scolari calling for an airlift to get him safely out of this place after the whistle. #BRAGER #WorldCup2014 pic.twitter.com/ajUQ2rnPE5

— FIFAWorldCup (@ThaWorldCup) July 8, 2014

HEAT MAP: Fred has taken kick off 5 times and he's not touched the ball in the Germany penalty area. #BRA pic.twitter.com/PVtYiGWgRw

— Squawka Football (@Squawka) July 8, 2014

#NeymarWhileYouWereAway Brazil got a new flag pic.twitter.com/ucXV9GWIWb

— #HaskellBC (@RonaldOuma) July 8, 2014

Brazil's goalie pic.twitter.com/rH6rm15Tlk

— Funny Pictures (@TopTwitPics) July 8, 2014

brazil jesus be like pic.twitter.com/JnEV3sDN9o

— lawblob (@lawblob) July 8, 2014

Please let me get out alive pic.twitter.com/cILndCT3NP

— Never Write Off… (@NeverWriteOff) July 8, 2014

Brazil 1-7 Germany. LOL pic.twitter.com/6xMOpOyAX7

— Coral (@Coral) July 8, 2014

#BRAvsGER this drink is banned in Brazil since now: pic.twitter.com/D2FUyRaaeb

— funnyorfact (@funnyorfact) July 8, 2014

Live footage of the riots in Brazil – pic.twitter.com/zDqXi5KPR6

— Transfer Talk (@EPLBible) July 8, 2014

Brazil fans waiting on the German bus outside like… pic.twitter.com/NANpKq30Wn

— I'm Shmacked (@ImShmacked) July 8, 2014

Fears grow for David Luiz after Brazil's fall from grace pic.twitter.com/doywbKgd0e

— Steve Anglesey (@sanglesey) July 8, 2014

At least brazil aren't going home pic.twitter.com/lYxwzU47cN

— Mrs Mazari (@Itshaleebish) July 8, 2014

HAHA! #GER #BRA #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/GbhsYhDTC0

— Mehdi (@MehdiG_LFC) July 8, 2014

Why Netherlands and Brazil lost in the semi-finals… pic.twitter.com/AJnVY1b4we

— Soccer Vines?? (@_SoccerVines) July 9, 2014

What's the difference between Snow White and Brazil? Snow White had the excuse of being asleep when she let seven in. #ARGvsNED #ARGvsHOL

— Tattooed Mulligan (@mullied) July 9, 2014

Hell of a loss, Brazil pic.twitter.com/cDet9WCUVS

— AndThenIGotHigh (@AndThenIGotHigh) July 10, 2014

Brazil TV playing 2014 Germany 7 Brz 1, 1998 France 3 Brz 0, 1982 Italy 3 Brz 2 on loop. Like watching wedding vid the day you get divorced

— roger bennett (@rogbennett) July 10, 2014

Brazil right now. #WorldCupProblems pic.twitter.com/BZE0wL28yb

— World Cup Problems (@WorIdCupProbs) July 9, 2014

The Brazil players leaving their hotel this morning!! pic.twitter.com/QJDNc1stcH

— Football Stuff (@FootbalIStuff) July 9, 2014

Why Brazil lost pic.twitter.com/6vh3lx4IjU

— Footy Humour (@FootyHumour) July 9, 2014

This image, from a 2013 briefing on Brazil's economy, seems wildly appropriate again #BRAvsGER http://t.co/oFjmrw8ucW pic.twitter.com/CheA6vZ94n

— The Economist (@EconEconomics) July 9, 2014