Football Puns: Bonfire Night

Starring 'Rocket' Ronny Rosenthal, Mats Hummers, Kévin Théophile-Catherine wheel and many more.

This type of firework is known as ‘the Valderrama’ (Image: Nachoman-au)

Remember remember the 5th of ah sod it let’s just get on with the Bonfire Night football puns…

Football Puns: Bonfire Night

Kévin Théophile-Catherine wheel, Cardiff City

‘Rocket’ Ronny Rosenthal, ex-Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Watford

Mark ‘Sparky’ Hughes, Stoke City manager

Guy Whittingham, ex-Aston Villa, Portsmouth and Sheffield Wednesday

Roman (Candle) Abramovich, Chelsea chairman

Mats Hummers, Borussia Dortmund

Uwe Fawkes, ex-Middlebrough and Millwall

Lee Strobe-ert, referee

Mohamed BANG!-ura, Celtic

Mar-shell Desailly, ex-Chelsea and France

Mark Delay-ney, ex-Aston Villa

Maroon Fellaini, Manchester United

Trajectory André Flo, ex-Chelsea, Leeds United, Rangers and Sunderland

Partick Whistle, Scottish football team

Sparkler-tak Moscow, Russian football team

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