Football Fascism Puns

In (dubious) honour of Nicolas Anelka, banned for five games over his 'quenelle' gesture.

Mussolini and Hitler, two subjects of our football fascism puns
Mussolini and Hitler… Troublemakers

Nicolas Anelka, eh? ‘Kin ‘ell! Or, more to the point, ‘quenelle’ – that’s the controversial gesture which has seen the West Bromwich Albion striker banned for five games, so we got thinking on some football fascism puns in the Frenchman’s (dubious) honour…

(With thanks to Alexei Slater, Lotte Claire Holmes, Neal Clague, Michael Elliott, Toby Kettel, Alex Moore, Ciaran Bradley, Joe Abrams, Skelt Owen Hmrt, David Gottlieb, Garry McNulty, Matt Atherton and Eric Sullivan for their contributions)

Alan Mc-Quenelle-y, ex-Aston Villa and Celtic

Fabian (A)Delph, Aston Villa

Tyrant Mings, Ipswich Town

Samir Nazi, Manchester City

Gael Vichy, Manchester City

Mousa(lini) Dembélé, Tottenham Hotspur

Roberto Martinet, Everton manager

Franco Baresi, ex-AC Milan

Raheem Stalin, Liverpool

Samuel E-Tojo, Chelsea

José Antonio (Primo de Rivera) Reyes, Sevilla

Yakubu (Gowon) Aiyegbeni, ex-Blackburn Rovers, Everton, Middlesbrough and Portsmouth

(András) Kun Agüero, Manchester City

Cheick Tito, Newcastle United

Shola Amin-obi, Newcastle United

Steve (Pol) Potts, ex-West Ham United

Tony Mao-bray, ex-Celtic and Middlesbrough

Christian “Ziege heil!”, ex-Liverpool, Middlesbrough and Tottenham Hotspur

Frank (Third Reich)aard, ex-Holland

Victor Moseley, Liverpool

(Robert Mu)Gabby Agbonlahor, Aston Villa

Dario (Stalin)Gradi, ex-Crewe Alexandra manager

Andy (Nick) Griffin, ex-Newcastle United and Stoke City

Ben (Margaret) Thatcher, ex-Wales

Mikel Dic-teta, Arsenal

John (totali)Terry(an), Chelsea

Jens Lebensraum, ex-Arsenal, known to Dachau-t of his box)

Anyone who plays on the right wing

HAVE YOUR SAY: Can you think of any football fascism puns we missed?