Even more jokes as Arsenal lose 2-1 at Brighton, their fourth game in a row

First time in sixteen years.

There were even more tweets and jokes as Arsène Wenger's Arsenal lost 2-1 at Brighton, their fourth game in a row
LOST AGAIN: Wenger (Image: aline “blue”)

The ‘Wenger Out Brigade’ were out in force after Arsenal were defeated 2-1 in Brighton, losing four games in a row in all competitions for the first time in sixteen years.

The beleaguered side have now lost eight matches in 2018, including three in the past seven days, and many now seem to feel that manager Arsène Wenger has overstayed his welcome at the club.

These are the best of the latest tweets and jokes as Arsenal lose 2-1 at Brighton:




The happiest man you'll see today in an Arsenal shirt. pic.twitter.com/dr9sL6wXrd

— Jas (@JasAFC) March 4, 2018

Wenger managing Arsenal in 2048…#BRIARS pic.twitter.com/WbQB91ZUST

— BenchWarmers (@BeWarmers) March 4, 2018




Not sure what Mesut Ozil is smiling about? You just lost to Brighton after being humiliated by Man City twice. Very disrespectful to the Arsenal Fans. pic.twitter.com/X451MgF8Mz

— Never Forget Football (@NFFootball_) March 4, 2018









Apparently Arsenal's chairman has warned Wenger that another 12 seasons like this and he's out.

— Elro (@ElroRaps) March 4, 2018


Bludfambludfambludfam giving it the Barry McGuigan that he’d have sacked Wenger 5 years ago. Same knob who waited 2 hours after a game to stand outside Wenger’s car & take a selfie.

— Tick Tock (@BlackScarfAFC) March 4, 2018

You know what guys, we should stop making fun of Arsenal fans as they have suffered enough. So let’s try our best to cheer them up and Brighton up their days

— Faizal Rosly (@ijaicool) March 5, 2018

Searching the Oscar crowd for a “Wenger Out” sign.

— Kevin Bartner (@heshsson) March 5, 2018