The best Joe Kinnear jokes after transfer deadline day

A collection of the best Joe Kinnear jokes after transfer deadline day didn't go quite as well as most Newcastle United fans might have liked.

The clown of the premier league flag, one of the best Joe Kinnear jokes after transfer deadline day
Kinnear… Flag (Image: Twitter/LiveFootball)

This is our collection of the best Joe Kinnear jokes after transfer deadline day.

The transfer window has shut again and Newcastle fans are not happy with recently controversially appointed Director of Football Joe Kinnear, who told them to judge him on his signings.

Newcastle didn’t spend anything during this transfer window and the Joe Kinnear jokes are rolling in:

Kinnear's Alarms Are Set. #nufc pic.twitter.com/QTdaXvqehP

— GallowgateShots™ (@gallowgateshots) September 2, 2013

If Redknapp & Kinnear are found asleep on one one of these tomorrow morning, this is the BESTEST JIM WHITE DAY EVER!! pic.twitter.com/HDP8FafiXe

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) September 2, 2013

Joe'k Kinnear watching #Skysportsnews last night #nufc pic.twitter.com/pcsnWaKToT

— Pards (@TeamToon) September 3, 2013

After receiving some severe criticism today, Joe Kinnear reminds Newcastle fans of his credentials for the job. pic.twitter.com/AvtwhFveui

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) September 3, 2013

Hearing that Joe Kinnear has pulled some transfers out the bag! #Nufc #safc pic.twitter.com/x2RmIdwP13

— Michael Patterson (@micpat1973) September 2, 2013

JoeK Kinnear and sister #nufc pic.twitter.com/OBeVUut990

— Pards (@TeamToon) September 3, 2013

Joe kinnear trying to email someone about signing a player #nufc pic.twitter.com/kllbVQGsmN

— #C Wag (@C_wagMillar) September 2, 2013

"Judge me on my signings" Kinnear said. Consider yourself judged. #nufc pic.twitter.com/PXRhemdgtN

— Nick (@23nsg) September 2, 2013

@lynseyhipgrave1 Kinnear and Pardew pic.twitter.com/TZl5C2gFlm

— Don Kiddick (@FootballEars) September 2, 2013

BREAKING! Joe Kinnear has pulled off the signing of the summer. #NUFC [picture via @gallowgateshots] pic.twitter.com/KLaKpf9GuE

— BackPage. (@BackPage) September 2, 2013

9:10 am Kinnear Leaves Benton. CLOSED FOR BUSINESS #nufc pic.twitter.com/o4Uzo2Fs2l

— GallowgateShots™ (@gallowgateshots) September 2, 2013

Someone tell Joe Kinnear they brought in a transfer window a few years back.. #nufc pic.twitter.com/AchnvWuWVC

— Balls.ie (@ballsdotie) September 2, 2013

Mike Ashley sent Joe #kinnear out to get Demba ba this evening and he came back with one of these #NUFC pic.twitter.com/TzdwJWJTIr

— samkidger (@samkidger) September 2, 2013

@mickquinn1089 Leaked photo of the phone on Joe Kinnear's desk #NUFC pic.twitter.com/jjN1JdlcOT

— Craig Wright (@craig_wrighty) September 2, 2013

@stevewraith Joe Kinnear Found pic.twitter.com/FAnrFzghS0

— Stephen Coyne (@ToonCoyne) September 2, 2013

Joe kinnear lines up 3 deals pic.twitter.com/1K3h4UdUgQ

— stephen coxon (@gallowgate82) September 2, 2013

Joe Kinnear Hard At Work. #nufc #itk pic.twitter.com/0JenrHvPNf

— GallowgateShots™ (@gallowgateshots) September 2, 2013

Joke Kinnear…… pic.twitter.com/WLideMYcwj

— James Newbigin (@jamesnewbigin) September 3, 2013

, joe kinnear fails in last minute bid to sign bale @JimmyHock22 @Toon9Toon @Ryp_11 @rorymcglasson @paulfowler73 pic.twitter.com/Q7dO01XE32

— Minsh (@PaulMinshaw) September 3, 2013

"The Wonga Of Toon" No Heart , No Brain , No Courage #nufc pic.twitter.com/DbJ9Of4Nsc

— GallowgateShots™ (@gallowgateshots) September 3, 2013

We've got our hands on a pretty shocking photo of Joe Kinnear taken yesterday. Toon fans won't be happy: pic.twitter.com/Ex3nyosuLg

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) September 3, 2013

Exclusive interview with Joe Kinnear and Alan Pardew on its way.. pic.twitter.com/xF9NPHQLI0

— dan manley (@DanManley_93) September 2, 2013

Joe Kinnear on the phone to Jose Mourinho! #nufc pic.twitter.com/FaLiPAqnDM

— NUFC Banter (@NUFC_banter) September 2, 2013

Joe Kinnear reveals his transfer strategy! #nufc pic.twitter.com/N7bs4HtLQz

— NUFC Banter (@NUFC_banter) September 2, 2013

If Mike Ashley and Joke Kinnear don't sign anyone, I will have to call on Marty McFly #nufc pic.twitter.com/5vXJirNh6k

— Brett Gardner (@brettjg81) August 30, 2013