#AskJamie – our favourite questions for Jamie Redknapp in Sky Sports Twitter webchat

Louis and Jamie Redknapp, who answered questions on Twitter via the #AskJamie hashtag
Jamie Redknapp… Faced questions (Image: Louise Marcus-Hamilton)

Sky Sports kindly hosted a Twitter-based “webchat” with former player turned TV pundit Jamie Redknapp on Thursday. A question and answer session then proceeded via the #AskJamie hashtag, with inevitable results.

It’s been done before, but it’s still worth a look. So we’ve collected together our favourite questions for the former Liverpool and Spurs midfielder.

Check out the best humorous tweets and jokes right here.

Discuss the Champs Lge final with Jamie Redknapp in our webchat 1.30pm, Thurs, skysports.com. Got a question? Tweet with #AskJamie

— Sky Sports (@SkySports) May 22, 2013

#AskJamie do you think a German team will win the champions league this year?

— hotproperty docherty (@officialDoco) May 22, 2013

#askjamie how often do you play football on a beach wearing a tuxedo?

— Mark Brophy (@mark_brophy) May 23, 2013

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being milkshake, 10 chocolate log, how bad were your arl fellas wildies during his trial? #AskJamie

— Mush Man…NOT! (@stamp1878) May 23, 2013

#AskJamie Is there anything you did successfully in your life apart from bang Louise?

— Hiten (@HitenPatel13) May 23, 2013

Will you ever do a broadcast without mentioning your dad or that you played for Liverpool?? @skysportscl #AskJamie

— Ian Varley (@IanVarley9) May 23, 2013

#AskJamie Is bio thermular multi diversified gas fracking the future or will it destabilise the Earth’s crust?

— red wazza (@redwazza1) May 23, 2013

@skysports did you smash it? #AskJamie

— Michael O’Brien (@mickeypob) May 23, 2013

#AskJamie Why is your fathers face like a melted toffee?

— TheJenko™ (@garj84) May 23, 2013

What’s it like to have the biggest pair of balls on tv.U love a tight suit #fact #AskJamie

— pappy bowe(@pappybowe) May 23, 2013

Do you literally understand what the word ‘literally’ means? #AskJamie

— Michael Campbell (@MickyCampbell72) May 23, 2013

#AskJamie are you scared your face is going to start melting like your dad’s did?

— Murray Hughes (@muz1881) May 23, 2013

#askjamie How much do M&S pay you to look like an eegit?

— Michael Malone (@Michealom_14) May 23, 2013

@skysports Jamie, do I have to sign for that package? #askjamie

— Oran B (@oranbambrick) May 23, 2013

#askjamie how long does it take you to paint your pants on in the morning?

— Geoff O’Donoghue (@GeoffODonoghue1) May 23, 2013

#AskJamie what’s up with your dads face?

— Maximillion (@BernardKerley1) May 23, 2013

Why do you wear suits from Baby Gap? #AskJamie

— Adam Ralph (@7AJR7) May 23, 2013

#AskJamie Who knits your woolen ties?

— Tony Kelly (@tonykellycomedy) May 23, 2013

#AskJamie Did you smash it? Yeah, you smashed it. Go round there any night & find Redknapp hanging out the back of it.

— Wooderbeen (@Wooderbeen) May 23, 2013

What would you rather bee or a wasp?#AskJamie

— Jimmy Pizzle (@posquitto) May 23, 2013

#AskJamie have you ever sat in a chair without holding the arm rests? @skysportscl

— Dodding (@J_Dodding) May 23, 2013

What would you say if you saw Top Cat wearing a top hat listening to Toploader on the top deck of a bus? #AskJamie

— Tuna Stubbs (@Another__Name) May 23, 2013

@skysportscl what do you ask for at the hair dressers? #askjamie

— Gavlarrrrrr (@GSSamrai) May 23, 2013

@skysportscl what’s your view on pundits using hackneyed clichés and endless platitudes as a mainstay of their punditry? #AskJamie

— James Reiff (@JamesReiff) May 23, 2013

#AskJamie do you actually have a magic torch or is it all lies?

— w. wirraworrawit (@wirraworrawit) May 23, 2013

#AskJamie How have you kept yourself from twitching for so long? Surely it’ll get you one day.

— Podtrollski (@Podtrollski) May 23, 2013

#AskJamie Has your dog got a bank account?

— Jeff(@jeffk70) May 23, 2013

What’s the difference between literally and figuratively? #AskJamie

— Liam McConville (@McConville92) May 23, 2013

Will you continue to look more and more like dale winton the older you get? #askjamie

— GavBeef (@GavBeef) May 23, 2013

#AskJamie Is bio thermular multi diversified gas fracking the future or will it destabilise the Earth’s crust?

— red wazza (@redwazza1) May 23, 2013

How many times have you literally seen a player on fire? #AskJamie

— Michael Watson (@Watson2711) May 23, 2013

#AskJamie If God exists why is there so much cruelty in the world? WHYYYY JAMIE?!

— Will. (@willgeld) May 23, 2013

#AskJamie Your trousers are ridiculously tight. Discuss!

— Mark S (@TheBoySeggy) May 23, 2013

#AskJamie Daddy or Chips?

— James Coffey (@JamesAntoCoffey) May 23, 2013

@skysportscl #AskJamie Does sitting next to Gary Neville make you realise you should stick to Thomas Cook adverts?

— Darren Berry AFC(@DBerry1974) May 23, 2013

Why did your lass leave Eternal? Canny little group them. #AskJamie

— Taylor and Besty (@TaylorandBesty) May 23, 2013

#askjamie Did Richard Keys ever catch you hanging out the back of your ex? #smashit

— John (@baldy_john) May 22, 2013

@skysports #askjamie are you the only person on this planet who can agree with all 3 contrasting opinions?

— David Ebdale (@ebs88) May 22, 2013

@skysportscl what age did you lose your virginity

— aitchy (@aitchyyy) May 23, 2013

@skysports are you not worried the next time you interrupt Souness he’s going to punch your lights out

— Deggsy™ (@Deggsytweets) May 22, 2013

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