Arsène Wenger Twitter Q&A: The best #AskArsène tweets so far

Before the Twitter Q&A with Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger has even started, we collect the best #AskArsène tweets so far.

Get your #AskArsène tweets ready for Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger's Twitter Q&A
It’s coming… (Image: Twitter/Arsenal FC)

Before the Twitter Q&A with Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger has even started, we’ve gathered together a collection of the best #AskArsène tweets so far.

To the delight of football fans across the world, Arsenal have announced details of an upcoming online question and answer session with manager Arsène Wenger.

The “#AskArsène Twitter Takeover” is apparently Arsenal’s way of “saying THANK YOU for helping @Arsenal become the first UK sports team to pass three million followers”, but is a gift to us all.

The club are yet to disclose exactly when “the boss will be taking over Twitter”, but the questions and foolish tweets have already come flooding in.

So let’s take a look at our favourite #AskArsène tweets so far:

So, Mr Wenger, what's your secret to staying beautiful all these years? Is it Arteta's hair gel? #AskArsene @Arsenal

— Lucas (@LucasArsenal18) November 11, 2013

#AskArsene is your best piece of business A) signing Fàbregas, B) signing Henry for £11m it C) convincing Conte to take Bendtner?

— Reubs (@ReubenPinder) November 11, 2013

#AskArsene If you were to marry Darth Vader, would you change your name to Arsene Vader?

— Stupid Football (@StupidFootball) November 11, 2013

Do these jackets come in any other colour? #AskArsene pic.twitter.com/0juJjVzy3R

— TheSPORTBible (@TSBible) November 11, 2013

What's the point in signing all these and never playing them ? #AskArsene pic.twitter.com/SxVekzckCk

— CityNeil69 (@CityNeil69) November 11, 2013

How did it feel when you turned into a centipede for a day? #askarsene pic.twitter.com/I1EY4CdcPP

— Sean Hewitt (@WafcSean) November 11, 2013

#AskArsene when was this taken? pic.twitter.com/MVlPLk3E2Z

— Champions (@DaveOKeane) November 11, 2013

Do you feel like a failure and always in the shadows of your genius twin Stephen Hawking #AskArsene pic.twitter.com/HgA8hGohAB

— Craig Howson MCFC (@HowsonCraig) November 11, 2013

#AskArsene how many years since u last won a major trophy!?? pic.twitter.com/xu7tDRCq3V

— Jacqueline Lampard? (@TheRealJM_11) November 11, 2013

#AskArsene Is it true you drink your tea out of a glass, because you've forgot how to hold a cup?

— A. (@IAmSimmo) November 11, 2013

#AskArsene is this still for sale pic.twitter.com/GvKGEtj2ds

— ed (@edcfc73) November 11, 2013

#AskArsene do you still drive this van pic.twitter.com/kKSNP5nang

— ed (@edcfc73) November 11, 2013

Can you explain this sighting at Loch Ness today? #AskArsene pic.twitter.com/k7lcUNdGdn

— Alex Napier (@alexnapier10) November 11, 2013

@Arsenal Would you rather be attacked by 25 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck??? #AskArsene

— Savvas (@Macho_Grande1) November 11, 2013

#AskArsene do you think this was a good look for you? pic.twitter.com/Y8C05HFmV1

— Raymond Ray (@rayray6666) November 11, 2013

When are you going to tell Bendtner that he looks like Miley Cyrus. #AskArsene

— Ashley Coghlan (@MrAshleyCoghlan) November 11, 2013

Have you ever considered a velcro fastening as an viable alternative for your inability to ‘do up’ your coat/sleeping-bag? #AskArsene

— Chelsea Stats (@ChelseaStats) November 11, 2013


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