Talking Zola and Liverpool with… Wonder Villains

Kieran from Wonder Villains discusses Liverpool and Gianfranco Zola.
Wonder Villains: gorge on Zola

Derry newcomers Wonder Villains are making waves with their new single “Zola” – which, since you asked, is indeed about Chelsea legend Gianfranco. Football Burp caught up with the band’s drummer Ryan to find out a wee bit more about it, as well as discuss his preferred team Liverpool

Obvious question to start with: why Zola?

It’s kind of strange how we came up with that. We released a song on the internet and a fan made an accompanying video for the track which was just made up of classic goals from players like Zola and Dennis Bergkamp. We hadn’t thought about Zola in years but we think he’s class so we thought we should write a song about him. It really was that simple!

Are any of the band Chelsea fans?

Not really but Ryan’s dad is a Chelsea fan so he was happy with it. And in my one Premier League match Liverpool beat Chelsea so I was happy with it too.

Have you had a lot of Chelsea fans getting in touch to give you their approval?

Not really Chelsea fans so much as football fans in general, because Zola was a good player and really likeable as well.

How did you come to support Liverpool?

I used to live there for five years ago and, although I didn’t really follow football that much then, I’ve been keeping an eye on it more lately because of the whole “Zola” thing!

What do you think about Liverpool arguing for overseas TV rights to be paid on a club-by-club basis, which wouldn’t work out well for the Premier League as a whole. Would you welcome Liverpool taking part in some kind of European ‘Super League’ if it came to that?

Probably not. It can be hard enough to get tickets to Premier League matches, let alone having to go all over Europe.

Have you ever been to Anfield?

Yeah, I went once when my dad took me for my tenth or eleventh birthday. We beat Chelsea 4-2 at Anfield and Patrick Berger scored a hat-trick. Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman and all those guys were playing, so it was really exciting.

Andy Carroll looks like he’s playing his way back into form. Do you think he’ll end up justifying that £35 million fee in time?

I just hope people give him a chance. Dalglish was saying recently that his stats in training are just as good as anyone else’s. I think he’s a good player who just has to fit into the team better, so hopefully that goal against Everton will start him off.

Are you convinced yet by this ‘second coming’ of King Kenny, or do you think people have been getting a bit carried away about it?

I think it’s great, but I’m biased! It was a big moment when he was named as manager and I hope that people stay behind him.

Score prediction for Liverpool vs Manchester United tomorrow?

I think it’ll be a close game. 3-2 Liverpool.

Finally, if you had to pick a five-a-side team made up of Liverpool players past and present, who would you pick?

I’d have to pick a really ‘classic’ team. Steve McManaman, because I thought he was class. Jerzy Dudek in goal because I found my old football stickers a few months ago, and I saw Jerzy Dudek so I stuck him on my bass drum. There are two stickers on the bass drum: a Wonder Villains sticker and a Jerzy Dudek sticker. He was immense! Just to be really classic, I’d have Ian Rush up front and Alan Hansen at the back. And I’ll have Steven Gerrard as well.

Kieran, thank you.

“Zola” will be released on 16th October through No Dancing Records (In Association with Third Bar Artist Development). For more information and a list of live dates, please visit www.myspace.com/thewondervillains