Talking West Ham United with… S I X . B Y  S E V E N

S I X . B Y  S E V E N
The Irons’ defence at sixes and sevens

Nottingham space rock kings S I X . B Y S E V E N release their stunning new album Love and Peace and Sympathy on 8th July, the same month they embark on a UK tour (click here for dates and links to buying tickets), so we asked front man Chris Olley to look back on the season of his beloved West Ham United.

Chris isn’t just an Irons supporter but a football fan par excellence – in 2007, he rode to all 92 league grounds on a a 250cc motorbike and photographed each one, collecting them all together in this luxurious book. Just so you know what you’re dealing with here. Anyway, onto the Hammers chat, but first this choice cut from the LP…

Are you happy with the way this season has panned out? Is Sam Allardyce the right man to take the club forward? Does part of you want to see what Di Canio can do?

I wasn’t sure about Allardyce, still not, but we didn’t go down and I think it would be good to see a manager stay for a while. He’s gotta win the FA Cup though. Di Canio manage West Ham, f*** yeah.

Could you name your player and goal of the season?

Jussi Jääskeläinen. Unfortunately the busiest goalie in Europe but eight clean sheets put him up there with that Man U goalie. Best goal was the Andy Caroll one against West Brom 3-0, genius.

Which areas of the team would you like to see strengthened? Should the club break the band for Andy Carroll?

Keep Carroll don’t sign Crouch, I don’t like his dancing.

What do you think of the plan for the Olympic Stadium move?

Yeah, it’s a funny one that. I love the old stadiums, especially the London ones. I think the move could be good for the club but not necessarily the fans.

Could you name the first, best and worst matches you’ve ever been to?

It’s a funny one cause I grew up in Germany and as a kid spent all my time on the terraces of Schalke 04 and I never lived close to Upton Park so I never went but I always watched West Ham where I lived so I’ve seen them at Elland Road, Villa Park, City Ground etc. I guess I’m one of those away fans! I really should get up off my arse and get down there but I’m just too busy all the time.

But I can name the ones I listened to on the radio. Best was 1980 FA Cup final against Arsenal. I think I chewed all my nails to the bone sitting in a chair on my own in my bedroom. Then I ran onto the street cheering and the German neighbours thought I was mad. Worst was European Cup final against Anderlecht in 1976. I was inconsolable for days. I remember going to bed and folding up my West Ham scarf really neatly, placing it under my pillow and crying! (Mainly ’cause I knew I was gonna get the shit kicked out of me at school the next day!) My first ever football game was Schalke v Werder Bremen at the old Parkstadion.

If you had to pick a five-a-side team out of all the West Ham players you’ve seen in your time as a fan, who would you choose?

Billy Bonds
Alan Taylor
Alvin Martin
Trevor Brooking
Phil Parkes

Chris Olley, thank you.

Love and Peace and Sympathy will be released on 8th July.

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