Talking Spurs with… Meridian Dan

We talk to emerging grime star Meridian Dan about his beloved Tottenham Hotspur.

Meridian Dan
Meridian Dan… Fan? See Dan

Meridian Dan has just signed to PMR Records and releases grime anthem “German Whip” on March 31st, so we felt it an opportune moment to discuss the current good fortunes of his beloved Tottenham Hotspur…

Did you manage to catch the 4-0 win at Newcastle United the other night?

No, I didn’t. I’ve been in the studio pretty solidly so I’ve not been able to catch much football, to be honest.

It’s seven wins in ten for Tim Sherwood now. You must be delighted with how it’s going under him.

Yeah, Tim’s alright. We just need to stick with somebody rather than firing them every five minutes.

If it’s not to be him, is there anyone in particular you’d like to see as manager?

You know what, I’m a fan of Harry Redknapp. Jamie and Louise too – I love everything about the Redknapps. One of those in, all day!

Which of the new signings have impressed you?

I like Eriksen, and Capoue looks good. I’m also glad that Adebayor’s back in now and gelling well with the team.

Do you manage to get down to White Hart Lane much?

I’ve been to a few games, and I try to get to as many of the derbies as I can.

Do you remember the first game you ever went to?

Yeah, I do. Jürgen Klinsmann was playing, Holsten Pils was the sponsor and they were playing against Arsenal, which is probably why I love derbies so much.

I think we got absolutely slaughtered but it was good fun anyway, being so close to the players you see on TV.

How about the best and worst games you’ve been to?

The best game was a few years ago when Tottenham beat Arsenal 5-1 in the League Cup semi-final, that was really good fun, and the absolute worst was when we got slaughtered by Liverpool the other day.

Meridian Dan, thank you.

Meridian Dan releases “German Whip” on March 31st. You can visit him on Twitter.