Talking Spurs and Fulham with Palace

Leo and Rupert from the band discuss their respective loves of Spurs and Fulham.


To celebrate the release of Palace’s new single “Kiloran”, we spoke to Leo and Rupert from the band about their respective loves of Tottenham Hotspur and Fulham…

How did you come to support your team?

Leo: My Grandpa was always a Tottenham fan and my pa after him, so naturally it passed down from person to person.

Rupert: Fulham, as it was the first game I went to.

What are your thoughts on the season so far? What are your expectations for the rest of the season?

Leo: Ah, I’m pretty frustrated by Tottenham as usual. Don’t get me wrong, Harry Kane has been a revelation, and it’s the best thing to see real English talent coming through in him and the likes of Ryan Mason.

But somehow Tottenham just still seem to be incredibly brittle and give away stupid points to far inferior teams! It’s a similar story for us Spurs fans this season, highs and lows and lots of near anxiety attacks!

I look forward to Tottenham finally getting their new stadium and it hopefully taking Spurs to the next level.

Rupert: To finish a cool 10 points above the relegation zone!

It’s been a mad season, first facing certain relegation to League One, sacking our manager, new manager and then dreaming of promotion to the Prem, then relegation battles again and now stumbling through with just enough to stay in the Championship. To put it lightly, it’s been emotional!

Do you think the manager is doing a good job? If not, who would you like to see replace him?

Leo: I like Pochettino, I think he’s doing the best he can with the players he has. There’s a real fire in his eyes and that’s a good thing, he’s definetly very passionate and a winner.

What he did at Southampton is brilliant and he’s keen to give good young talent a chance which is great.

Rupert: I like Kit Symons, he took on a nightmare situation and has done a pretty good job and enough to stay on. Saying that, next season will have to see a marked improvement or he may have to go…

Which areas of the team/squad would you like to see strengthened?

Leo: Some of the people bought with the Bale money are just not up to par. We need another string puller in midfield like Modric and an experienced rock in central defence who is not going to make as many mistakes as Fazio.

Plus Adebayor and Soldado need to go and a brilliant proven goalscorer needs to be acquired asap.

Rupert: Our defence needs a lot of work, we have conceded far too many goals this season, also not sure why we had to get rid of Stockdale, thought he was a great goalie for us. Suppose we have Magath to thank for that!

Have you managed to get to the ground much to watch them over the years?

Leo: I go around once a year when I can. Premiership football tends to be pretty pricey so it’s not always an option!

Rupert: Not as much as I would like but probably go around 7 times a year or so. Definitely could improve my attendance rate!

Would you be able to name the first, best and worst games you’ve ever been to?

Leo: The first game was probably seeing Brighton & Hove Albion aged about 9. They’re my second team as I’m from East Sussex not far from Brighton. They had a player in goal called Nicky Rust at the time I seem to remember, such a good name.

The best game, that’s a tough one. I saw a Uefa Cup game some years ago where Berbatov was just on fire and in his prime, I think he scored a hat-trick and all of them outrageous goals, that was pretty epic.

I saw a game between Brighton and Yeovil in the rain and it was a nil-all draw, it was pretty dire.

Rupert: Best game I went to was when we beat Notts County 4-0 in the FA Cup purely because my Dad’s a County fan and was in the away stand! Worst game was when we lost at home to Wycombe Wanderers in the League Cup ( think it was the Carling Cup then) 1-2, terrible game!

Finally, if you had to select a five-a-side team out of all the players you’ve seen play for your team in your time as a fan, who would you pick?

Leo: Hugo Lloris, Ledley King, Jan Vertonghen, Gareth Bale, then either Dimitar Berbatov or Harry Kane – tough call!

Rupert: Van De Sar, Clint Dempsey, Danny Murphy, Louis Saha, Papa Boupa Diop (The Wardrobe)

Following the huge success of their debut EP, London-based band Palace return with “Kiloran”, the first single from their forthcoming EP Chase The Light on 8th June

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