Talking Southampton With… Eyes on Film

Talking Southampton With... Eyes on Film
Eyes on Film... And on the Saints

Football Burp caught up with Dan and Callum from fantastic five-piece Eyes on Film for a quick natter about their beloved Southampton FC (stood for two hours in the rain to get tickets for the Coventry City game at the end of the season, no less) while their unsympathetic band mates tried to drown them out with mocking derision.

First though, check out their thrilling forthcoming single “Something Wicked (This Way Comes)”…

Daisy: Football’s not anywhere near as good as cricket, is it?

Dan: Can I just say, the inverted snobbery that you see going on here – this is the reason that people don’t get paid a proper wage. “Footballers are well stupid and working class” – maybe, but they’re…

Callum: Actually, they did a study the other day about the intelligence of footballers and it turns out that they’re much cleverer than everyone thinks.

Dan: That doesn’t surprise me.

Daisy: That’s ’cause everyone thinks they’re really thick!

Who would be in your all-time Saints five-a-side team?

Dan: Peter Shilton in goal. At the back you’ve got to have Michael Svensson…

Big Ken?

Dan: No, not Ken Monkou, because if he had to play anyone decent then he’d do a groin injury!

Callum: Kevin Keegan, Matt Le Tissier, Alan Shearer?

Dan: (Pauses in deliberation) I’m going to take Keegan out and put Gareth Bale in. So it’s a little triangle of Shearer, Le Tissier and Bale playing in front of Shilts and Michael Svensson.

First game you ever went to?

Dan: Leeds. Dirty Leeds.

Callum: We lost 4-2 to Sheffield United, and Ken Monkou scored the most glorious diving header own-goal.

Dan: Yeah, I remember that! Broke my little heart, but…

Eyes on Film, thank you.

“Something Wicked (This Way Comes)” will be released on May 7th through MI7 Records. For more information, including a list of live dates, please visit www.facebook.com/eyesonfilm

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