Talking Manchester City with… The Struts

We speak to The Struts front man Luke Spiller about his beloved Manchester City.

The Strut
The Struts… City slick

Derby-based rockers The Struts are set to release new single “Could Have Been Me” on November 18th, so we caught up with front man Luke Spiller for a natter about his beloved Manchester City…

How did you come to support Manchester City?

Well, I followed football but never really supported a team, although I used to go and see Bristol City a bit when I was younger. They were never the greatest performances though so I wasn’t really enticed.

When I started writing with Ads, a big Villa fan, we were always watching Match of the Day and he’d say, “Come on, you’ve got to start supporting someone.”

It was actually the match where Adebayor had just come over to City from Arsenal and he scored that goal against them, then ran over to the Arsenal fans and was there posing, like “come on!”.

I was like, “Yeah, I think I’ve found my team!” (Laughs) You can call me a glory hunter but I had no idea at that point how much they were going to change – Mancini had only just come around, and the money had only just started being pumped in.

We’ve got a good mix of teams in the band – Jed‘s Arsenal and Gethin‘s a Swansea fan. It gets quite heated.

What are your thoughts on the season so far? Are you happy with Manuel Pellegrini and the various new players?

Yeah, it’s been good. Personally I was quite sad to see Mancini go but obviously you’ve got much higher responsibilities when you’re at a club with so much money injected into it.

It’s all about Yaya Touré for me, he’s an absolute machine. I’ve actually got him on the back of my shirt, number 42!

Do you think Joe Hart’s still the man in goal?

I think he is. His England performances haven’t been amazing, but I definitely think he’s still world class.

Sergio Agüero seems to have found his shooting boots. Are his goals the key to winning the title?

Definitely, when he’s on fire the whole team’s on fire. Džeko’s exciting when he’s on form but he can get a bit wishy-washy.

When Agüero’s on form it seems to hype the whole team and they play so much better.

Finally, if you had to select a five-a-side team out of all the players you’ve seen in your time as a City fan, who would you pick?

Joe Hart, David Silva, Vincent Kompany, Agüero and Yaya Touré. I reckon that would be a force to be reckoned with.

Luke Spiller, thank you.