Talking Manchester City with… Cian Ciarán

The erstwhile Super Furry Animal also tells us what might happen if Sir Alex Ferguson was a rock star

 Cian Ciarán
Cian Ciarán… The Man City Don’t Give a F***

Cian Ciarán’s Outside In was one our favourite albums of last year and now he’s got an even better one on the way in They Are Nothing Without Us, to be released on September 23rd through Strangetown Records.

A guitar-led protest album, They Are Nothing Without Us can be obtained via the increasingly popular medium of Pledge Music – click here to visit Cian’s page, where you’ll find a wide range of purchase options including a Skype call, a studio hangout and even a remix of one of your own songs.

With just weeks to go until the start of the new Premier League season, we caught up with the erstwhile Super Furry Animals electronics guru to discuss goings on at his beloved Manchester City – as a brilliantly entertaining bonus, he shared with us the contents of a recent dream he had about Sir Alex Ferguson playing a rock gig…

What do you think of the appointment of Manuel Pellegrini?

I was scratching my head when they sacked Roberto Mancini, especially with his track record – I just hope it doesn’t turn into a case of sacking someone every year whenever they don’t deliver.

I don’t think Pellegrini is a bad call, though – we’ve also spent a lot of money on top of a side that finished 2nd last year, so I’m looking forward.

Do you know much about the players he’s brought in?

Not much other than what I’ve read since they got here – I know about as much as anyone else, I guess. Not a lot!

There’s a lot of competition for places now and I get the impression they’re not finished yet. Let’s see how they gel.

Do you think maybe that the most important player this season could be one who was already there, namely Sergio Agüero? I hope you say yes as I’ve just stuck him in my Fantasy Football team instead of Robin van Persie.

Yeah, last season it was his lack of goals that let us down, although fitness was a factor.

Hopefully he’s sorted for this season because we need everyone on their game every game if we’re going to win things. There’s no room for complacency or aloofness.

Were you sad to see Carlos Tevez go?

It’s a weird one – because he spent six months of the season going AWOL, it was like he’d half left already. We’ve replaced him with young talent as well, so I’m indifferent, even though I liked him as a player.

From a City perspective, what do you think of Manchester United appointing David Moyes?

I used to like David Moyes so I don’t know what to do now! I’ve got a soft spot for Everton and it’s amazing what he did there.

It’ll be interesting to see what he can do with a bit of money. I reckon he’ll probably do alright there but the pressure might tell. They’re big shoes to fill, or whatever the saying is.

Hopefully Everton won’t collapse like Charlton Athletic did after Alan Curbishley. They thought he’d taken them as far as he could after nine years but look what happened to them.

Actually, I swear I had a dream the other day that Sir Alex Ferguson was playing guitar – it was the end of the show, there was this massive sort of feedback and he was just there chewing gum like he does on the sideline.

He slammed his guitar down to signal the end but the houselights kept going and there was a delay in the feedback, so he got all pissed off and angry because it had gone overtime.

He started waving his hands and that, like he does at the ref, and after the concert they both walked out of the hall shouting at each other. Don’t know what that was all about!

Hand on heart, I once dreamed I scored a goal against Manchester City with a tomato. I didn’t even have to kick it, just stamp on it and let the juice trickle over the line. Fortunately the ref gave it.

Dreams are ace, aren’t they? Love ’em!

Cian Ciarán, thank you.

They Are Nothing Without Us will be released on September 23rd by Strangetown Records.

To pledge to the project and reserve your copy of the album, please visit Cian’s Pledge Music page.