Talking Liverpool With… Stephen Langstaff

Talking Liverpool With... Stephen Langstaff
Stephen Langstaff... Has an "open relationship" with football

Football Burp caught up with emergent Liverpool singer-songwriter Stephen Langstaff for a chat about his beloved Reds…

Did you watch the goalless draw against Tottenham Hotspur on Monday night?

I missed it, but I spoke to my dad about it and it sounds like Suarez could have done a bit more. It seems that the most exciting thing about the game was the cat! Obviously besides Suarez coming back, but I’m sorry I missed the cat on the pitch – that would have cracked me up.

Are you happy with the way things are going under Kenny Dalglish?

Yeah, I think so. There’s something sort of classic about him, and I know you shouldn’t hark back to the past but I think when he came back he just stabilised things. Wherever we go next, it’s been good to have this period of stabilising. I think it’s calmed a lot of fans down, and it’s looking good.

Do you have any reservations about some of the signings he’s made?

Not really. I have to say, my dad watches it more closely – I just kind of sit back and accept things a little bit more! I guess I’m a bit more of a mellow fan.

You’re saving yourself a lot of angst, so keep it up!

I keep up to date with it, but more casually. I have a sort of open relationship with Liverpool. But for my dad and my brother, it’s more of a love-hate affair! But it seems to be going well. There was so much upheaval and now there’s a period of calm, so we should focus on that, I guess.

Do you go to the game often?

I used to go all the time, but very rarely now. My dad and my brother both have season tickets so occasionally one will come up, but I tend to be so busy on weekends that I usually watch it on my laptop, or on telly in a bar, or something.

Do you remember the first, best and worst games you ever went to?

The best was beating Man United 3-1 last year, and the worst was losing 2-0 in the derby against Everton, also last season. To be honest, I don’t remember my first game. I should ask my dad!

Finally, if you had to pick a five-a-side team out of all the Liverpool players you’ve seen in your time as a fan, who would you select?

I’d go proper old school, although Gerrard’s got to be in there – he’s earned his place as a classic player. I like Reina as a goalie. I’m going to say Mark Wright because I know him and I think he wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t put him in!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Wright the other year. Great bloke.

Yeah he is, and he’s really supportive of what I do as well. He’s always at the gigs and stuff. He’s a big rock fan – he’s got loads of AC/DC records at his house! Erm…(getting back to the task at hand)…John Barnes – at one time, he was the greatest player in the world. And up front, I’d say Robbie Fowler.

Stephen Langstaff, thank you.

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