Talking Liverpool with LIFE

Lead singer Mez discusses his beloved Reds ahead of release of new single "Popular Music".


LIFE release their blistering new single “Popular Music” on March 4th, so we spoke to lead singer Mez about his beloved Liverpool:

How did you come to support the Reds?

Michael Owen spoke to me from the end of a spoon as I dug into a bowl of Sporties in 2001.

What are your thoughts on the season so far? What are your expectations for the rest of the season?

It’s been a damp season to say the least. We NEED to win the League Cup and stop leaking goals. That Sunderland game boshed my head in. Top 4 (ouch) and a cup.

Do you think the manager is doing a good job? If not, who would you like to see replace him?

I think Klopp is mint. It’s going to take time for sure but Klopp’s got the spectacles for the job. He’s a rock star.

I think we will see a different Liverpool next season. I’m hoping he can turn Ibe into a beast and bring in some quality talent that will tear the league a new one. It looks like we will have Pep, Klopp and Mourinho all managing in the North next season. Hit the North.

Which areas of the team/squad would you like to see strengthened?

We need a new ‘keeper, a central defender that can deal with crosses and, if Sturridge doesn’t get fit, a world class striker! A monster.

Have you managed to get to Anfield much to watch them over the years?

I’ve been to see Hull City more than Liverpool recently. Ain’t got the coin. It looks like change around tickets is coming though.

A trip could be on the cards, might stop off at Jamie Carragher’s restaurant and have some spag hoops.

Finally, if you had to select a five-a-side team out of all the players you’ve seen play for Liverpool in your time as a fan, who would you pick?

That I’ve seen play for Liverpool, oofff…

David James

Xabi Alonso

Steven Gerrard

Steve McManaman


LIFE release new single “Popular Music” on March 4th. For more information, please visit the band’s official website