Talking Everton & Liverpool with… Circa Waves

Front man Kieran Shudall and drummer Sian Plummer preview the Merseyside derby.

Circa Waves
Mersey beaucoup

Circa Waves are fresh from releasing their beaming new single “So Long”, so we caught up with front man/Everton fan Kieran Shudall and drummer/Liverpool fan Sian Plummer to preview tomorrow’s Merseyside derby…

Who’s confident ahead of tomorrow, then?

Sian: I’m not. I was at Anfield for the Middlesbrough game and, well, it looked bad.

Kieran: I’m confident in our midfield and attack but not so much in our defence. It could be a high-scoring match – I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 3-3.

Sian: 8-7, I reckon!

Kieran: You’re going to lose but I like your optimism.

Which opposition players do you fear the most?

Sian: I fear Naismith, he’s a beast at the moment. I keep raving about him to Kieran. He’s bored of hearing about him now, I think.

Kieran: Naismith’s sick! I fear Sturridge but he might not play.

Sian: Oh he’ll deffo play, mate. He’s getting titanium plates put in his legs!

He made a comeback from injury in the 3-3 Goodison derby last season. Stepped off the bench to score a late equaliser, as I recall.

Sian: Yeah, he always finds it within himself to get one over on Everton, because he’s a legend.

Expectations have been raised at both clubs but neither have made a good start. What would you see as a decent season this time around?

Kieran: Top 5 would be good for Everton but it’s more likely to be 7th.

Sian: I reckon you’ll come good and be alright in the second half of the season. The way we’re playing at the moment, just getting in the top four will do. Then if we progress in the Champions League I’ll be pretty happy with that. Then smash the cups!

What are your favourite memories of derbies past?

Sian: The 4-0 at Anfield last season!

Kieran: My memory isn’t great but I do remember when we won 3-0 at Goodison and then rather shamelessly put out a DVD of it. Andy Johnson got a couple.

Sian: I liked it when Suárez dived in front of Moyes. That was boss. Oh I miss him!

Finally, if you each had to select a 5-a-side team out of all the Everton/Liverpool players you’ve seen in your time as a fan, who would you pick?

Sian: I’d just have all strikers! I’d have Rush, Dalglish, Suárez, Fowler and I’d bang Stevie in there too.

Kieran: Neville Southall, Big Dunc, Bainesy, Dixie Dean (laughs) and, just for a laugh, Amokachi.

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