Talking England With… Chris Kamara

Talking England With... Chris Kamara
Kammy... Unbelievable talent

There’s only one thing better than Sky Sports hero Chris Kamara recording England’s official Euro 2012 song, the proceeds of which shall go to Marie Curie Cancer Care…and that’s getting to speak to the man himself about it. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Kammy and his fabulous new terrace anthem, the song that will soundtrack our nation’s footballing summer, “Sing 4 England”! (Tune in to Soccer AM this Saturday to see Chris performing the song live…)

Hi Chris. Love the song!

Thank you! It’s catchy, that’s the great thing about it.

Congratulations on having it chosen as the official England song for Euro 2012, and for doing it in aid of such a good cause as well.

Yeah, it’s fantastic that it’s been made the official song, and it’s great that Marie Curie are going to make some money out of it.

How did you go about writing the song?

A fellow called Paul Baker wrote it with me in mind, sent it to me and said, “Have a listen, let me know what you think.” I thought, “Oh no, this could be a nightmare.” I did a song for the World Cup in South Africa, which was a version of “You’re Just Too Good to Be True”, and we couldn’t change the lyrics because of copyright. They asked me to support it afterwards but I was embarrassed – I was thinking, “This isn’t a proper football song, it’s just a song.” They put it on a compilation of songs with the England Band and all that sort of stuff.

So I thought, “Ah, this is going to be the same,” but after thirty seconds of listening to it I knew it was a proper football song, one that the fans could sing, so I rang Paul back straight away and said I’d love to do it. He asked me if I could go down to Mcasso‘s studio on Carnaby Street, so I did and met a fellow called Mike Connaris, who produced the song. We played around with it a bit, I sang it a couple of times and thankfully when the FA heard it, as well as a lot of the fans, they were quite happy for it to be the official song.

Why did you choose Taxirun to record it with?

We used Taxirun when we were shooting the video, actually. The lads came down on the day, played it and they were as good as the production.

Who’s the guy in the wig?

That’s Charlie, he’s my stalker! (Laughs) Obviously he came along and he’s got two lines in it.

It’s refreshing to see someone getting along so well with their own stalker.

(Laughs) Nothing wrong with a friendly stalker every now and then!

Did you consider changing your name again?

No, that didn’t work at the World Cup! ‘Believe’ or whatever it was. ‘Cabanga’, that’s it. Hopefully this time the record will make the difference.

Do you think Roy Hodgson is a good choice of England manager?

Well, I’d be hypocritical if I didn’t say that I thought Harry Redknapp would get the job. Like everyone else I presumed once the court case was done that he was going to be a shoe-in for the job, but I can’t say I’m disappointed that Roy’s been appointed because he’s got fantastic pedigree – he’s managed all over the world, been successful all over the world, did a great job at Fulham and was doing a great job at West Bromwich Albion, didn’t get an opportunity at Liverpool, which they might regret. He’ll make us organised and difficult to beat.

Who would be your choice of captain?

Steven Gerrard. I know there’s a little bit of history between Roy and Steven but hopefully that’s all buried under the couch. I think they’re all sensible enough – certainly Roy is sensible enough – to know that certain situations don’t always work out for you, but from what I’m hearing their relationship was fine when they were in Liverpool together so I think he’ll be his choice of captain.

Are you in favour of John Terry going while Rio Ferdinand remains at home?

Has that been confirmed?

Not yet.

Well, the papers don’t normally get it all wrong, and they all seem to be saying that. I would take Rio, that’s for certain – I still think he’s one of the best defenders in the world, so unless he opted out himself it would surprise me if he didn’t go. We don’t know all the facts, though.

Are there any players who aren’t obvious choices that you’d like to see given a go?

No, not really. I wondered whether Roy was going to be loyal to some of the lads from West Brom – Ben Foster has obviously said he’s not going to come out of retirement for him, so then you wonder which other English players there could be given an opportunity. There’s Liam Ridgewell who can play centre-half and left-back, not the greatest player in the world but wears his heart on his sleeve so maybe Roy might consider a player like him, although looking at the speculation today I think that’s doubtful.

Chris Kamara, thank you.

Talking England With... Chris Kamara

“Sing 4 England” (feat. Joe Public Utd) will be released on June 3rd through Mcasso Digital’s 12th Man Records. 100% of Chris’s proceeds will go to Marie Curie Cancer Care. For more information, please visit sing4england.net, @Sing4Eng on Twitter or the official Sing 4 England Facebook page.

The song is currently available on Pre-Order at iTunes, and with all Pre-Order sales contributing to the first week of release, Marie Curie have launched their Facebook Kammy Kampaign to get all England fans to Pre-Order the track to get Chris Kamara to number 1 in the charts on June 10th.