Talking Cardiff City with… Gulp

Guto Pryce talks to Burp about his beloved Cardiff City.

Gulp… Confidence belying their name

Gulp have been tickling our ears decidedly rosy with their recent singles “Play” and “Game Love”, so we caught up with Guto Pryce – co-Gulper-in-chief alongside Lindsey Leven – for a natter about his beloved Cardiff City…

What do you make of the new players?

Looks like Malky did a great job over the summer. He got us this Chilean dude called Gary Medel as a defensive midfielder. They call him El Pitbull and he’s fantastic, totally bosses midfield and he’s already a fans favourite.

Steven Caulker looks a great player as well, only 21 but bags of Premier League experience. We’ve spent a lot of money but I think we’ve spent wisely.

How much grief did you give (Super Furry Animals band mate) Cian over the City match?

I’m still giving Cian grief for when Cardiff beat Man City in ’94. They have a wonderful team now though so don’t think Cian can be too worried. It was a real pleasure watching players like Agüero and Džeko at Cardiff City Stadium. Even better to see them lose.

Have you got used to watching you play in red yet? I saw you play Nottingham Forest last season, with you in red and them in blue – most confusing.

No, still not used to it and still follow the wrong team for a millisecond before realising. It doesn’t help that teams have been happy to wear their blue away kits when they play us.

Vincent Tan and Sam Hammam seem like ‘shady’ characters, perhaps, but do you bear goodwill towards them for the recent debt settlement?

You can add Ridsdale and a few others to that list of shady characters from Cardiff’s recent past.

I don’t bear any goodwill to any of them. They’re businessmen who have nothing to do with or give a s**t about any football fan, just concerned with the $$$s.

Where will you finish this season, who will win the league, and who will go down?

I think we’ll be top and Swansea will go down.

Guto Pryce, thank you.

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