Talking Brighton, Spurs and Everton with… Rubylux

Rubylux - "The World Goes Quiet"
Rubylux… Disembarked from the Gus bus

Next week sees the release of new Rubylux single “The World Goes Quiet”, the title track of their forthcoming second album, so we caught up with keyboardist Adam Harris for a bit of a natter about the band’s local team Brighton and Hove Albion. Adam is nominally a Tottenham Hotspur fan, while drummer Mike Hall, also present, pins his colours to the Everton mast, but Adam chose the Seagulls as our main conversational thrust on account of his watching them most frequently this season…

It looks like Gus Poyet’s time at the Falmer Stadium is coming to an end.

Yeah, it looks like he’s gone today. He was suspended last night.

Do you back the club’s actions?

No, I think it’s a shame. We like Poyet, he was doing well. I don’t know what he suspended for. Do you know?

Seems to be something to do with talking about moving to a bigger club.

Ah, okay. That’s been on the cards for a while.

Who would you like to see as his successor? There’s talk of Darren Ferguson.

Alex would be better, though! I don’t know – it’ll be hard to find someone who rhymes with ‘Gus’, so we can keep singing the “Get on the Gus Bus” song, based on the Paul Simon song.

Guus Hiddink? That is if you wouldn’t mind singing “Guus Buus”. By the way, commiserations on the playoffs defeat.

Yeah, it was disappointing.

Are you confident of challenging again next season?

Well, hopefully they can improve again like they did this season from last season. It would be nice to get automatic promotion, wouldn’t it?

Do you think you can keep hold of your better players? Liam Bridcutt’s been talked about a lot of late.

Yeah, the last two games I’ve watched he’s been brilliant. He was playing like a man being watched, I thought. That game they beat Blackpool 6-0, I hadn’t seen him play like that all season, he was flinging himself around. So yeah we’ll maybe lose Bridcutt but get enough money from that to buy two or three players.

How much do you think you’ll be asking for him?

I dunno. Three or four million? You’d hope four, I suppose, but then Poyet’s been bringing in these Spaniards for not much money, so now he’s gone I don’t know how they’ll go about bringing in that calibre of player.

Would you be able to name your player and goal of the season?

I really like Andrea Orlandi, although I suppose player of the season is, even though he only came in January, Leonardo Ulloa. He’s really great to watch. It’s a shame Vicente hasn’t played more because when he does he bosses games. He’s brilliant, I think he just doesn’t like the cold!

Are you happy with the work Andre Villas-Boas is doing at Spurs?

Yeah, hopefully they’ll get in the Champions League. It looked so certain a few months ago.

What do you think the team is missing to kick on and challenge for the title?

I suppose a goal-scorer up front other than Jermain Defoe, really. Emmanuel Adebayor doesn’t seem to do it consistently, so when Defoe’s out it’s a bit of a struggle.

How did Mike come to support Everton?

Mike: I’m not the biggest football fan in the world but my grandad is a big Everton fan, so the only high-profile game I’ve ever been to was Everton beating Tottenham at Goodison Park about thirteen years ago. I think it was 1997, Gary Speed scored a header. It was very exciting.

Rubylux, thank you.

“The World Goes Quiet” will be released on May 26th. For more information, please visit the official Rubylux website.

Rubylux -The World Goes Quiet