Talking Arsenal With… Diagrams

Talking Arsenal With... Diagrams

Football Burp has been tickled pink by Black Light, the debut album by ex-Tunng singer Sam Genders’s new project Diagrams, so we caught up with Tom Marsh from the band for a chat about his beloved Arsenal…

“Tall Buildings”

You must be delighted with the Gunners’ current form. Do you think you’ll finish above Spurs?

I think its feasible now. Something seems to have shifted with the arsenal players – people like Rosicky and Song are really stepping up, and Sagna and Gibbs being back is massive because we have a proper back four for the first time in an age. So in answer to your question I think we can beat Spurs, yes . Chelsea are a worry too though obviously.

Did you watch the game against Newcastle United? Another good performance from Walcott…

Yep, the game fell a couple of days ago on our European tour. We had a day off in Antwerp and I found myself screaming, full of over-priced Guiness in an Irish pub with a load of drunken Dutch businessmen (all Gooners too because of Van Persie). Theo’s had some truly ace games – thank Christ, because he was starting to look like a bewildered sprinter.

Robin van Persie is simply sensational. You must fear him leaving…

As for RVP leaving, I think finishing top four is a big factor as he needs to play in the Champions League. He genuinely seems to be happy at Arsenal though – he’s a really decent bloke, with his head screwed on and he loves being captain. And I think if we up his wages to something like the rumoured £10 million a year, that should keep him happy. I think he’d stay at Arsenal over any of the other English clubs – but Real Madrid or Barcelona, that’s another kettle of ballgames.

What do you think of the signing of Lukas Podolski?

That is a great statement of intent by the club. Him and RVP together would be great. A signing like that is a good sign that Wenger is accepting that we can’t win with just youth and flair, and that we need some established big stars to let all our flair players do their thing.

You’ve been linked with a £22m move for the Ajax defender Jan Vertonghen. Does this sound plausible to you, given the form of Laurent Koscienly?

Its at odds with the Wenger way of things, but I think shoring up the spine is what we need, proven by the fact that Vermaelen has had to play out of position for the majority of the season, and us having to play Djourou all the time ( he’s pants). Koscienly is great but we want to be challenging again so having a great squad is what you need these days.

Who do you think are your most important players other than van Persie?

Our keeper is world class. Vermaelen is awesome and the Ox is filling us all with hope for the future. Song is great too – 9 assists so far this season.

If you had to select a five-a-side team out of all the Arsenal players you’ve ever seen, who would you pick?

Theirry, Bergkamp, Adams, Vieira and Seaman. Pires and Ljungberg on the bench.

Tom Marsh, thank you.

Black Light is out now on Full Time Hobby. Please visit www.diagramsmusic.com to order your copy and see a list of live dates.