World Cup Fantasy Football Tips, Semi-Finals: Midfielders

Might be wise to go light on midfielders for the time being...

Toni Kroos, one of our World Cup Fantasy Football tips for the semi-finals
Let’s get Kroos (Image: Steindy)

Our World Cup Fantasy Football tips for midfielders in the semi-finals are brought to you in association with that beer you can’t stand because all it does is make you go to the toilet loads.

Several different versions of World Cup Fantasy Football are proving to be popular so we can’t be specific on prices, but then your choices are now restricted the four remaining teams anyway.


Anyway, on to the midfielders in the World Cup semi-finals…

World Cup Fantasy Football Tips, Semi-Finals: Midfielders

As with the quarter-finals, we expect the semis to be tight, cautious affairs, so it may make sense to switch your midfield four or five to a midfield three and stock up on whomsoever’s defenders you most fancy to keep a clean sheet.

Predicting unlikely heroes is a tactic fraught with peril, so go for the obvious – Germany’s Thomas Müller, for example, could well capitalise on the absence from Brazil’s defence of Thiago Silva.

Müller is listed as a midfielder in the Mirror’s Fantasy Football game, amongst others, so frankly you should already have him in your team.

Toni Kroos’s excellent delivery makes a decent shout of him, while Mesut Özil still has a goal and/or assist in him despite his continuing poor form.

But then who’s to say the nullifying effects of a vociferous home crowd and a suitably intimidated referee won’t blunt Germany’s edge?

And maybe it’s time for Oscar and Paulinho to assume more responsibility for Brazil in the absence of Neymar. Tough calls to make, but we’re still erring towards the Germans here.

Argentina’s Ángel di María will miss the rest of the tournament after picking up an injury in the 1-0 quarter-final win over Belgium, and it’s hard to recommend any of their other midfielders since they’ve a grand total of zero goals and zero assists between them.

Go for Argentina’s defenders and attackers instead. As for Holland, Wesley Sneijder’s probably your best bet but he’s not quite the force he was at South Africa 2010.

Like we said, it might be best to go light on midfield this time round. Good luck, Fantasy freaks!