World Cup Fantasy Football Tips, Round of 16: Strikers

Spend big on your strikers - they'll take you far if you play your cards right.

Karim Benzema, one of our World Cup Fantasy Football tips for the last 16
Benzema… Recommended (Image: Станислав Ведмидь/Stanislav Vedmid’/Stanisław Wiedmid’)

As educated guesses go, our World Cup Fantasy Football tips for strikers in the last 16 are 29 per cent more educated and a whopping 93 per cent more guessed than the national average.

Several different versions of the game are proving to be popular so we can’t be specific on prices, but then your choices get less and less as more teams get knocked out anyway.


Anyway, on with the last 16 strikers…

World Cup Fantasy Football Tips, Round of 16: Strikers

Presumably you’ve heard of Lionel Messi? Let’s all have a good old commentator-style chortle about how amazing he is and get on with our lives.

Strikers should be the easiest to pick as you require the fewest of them, goalkeepers aside – so we’ll keep this brief.

France’s Karim Benzema may have drawn a blank against Ecuador but he was on fire before that, racking up three goals and three assists in his first two matches.

Nigeria look handy but we’d back him to score against them, given the decidedly shaky-looking nature of the Super Eagles’ defence in the 3-2 defeat to Argentina.

Mind you, Messi…etc. Chortle!

Holland pair Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben have looked fairly unstoppable so far, although they take on a Mexico side that only conceded once in the group stage – strong group they were in too, so proceed with caution on this front.

Colombia’s Jackson Martínez exploded into life with a couple of goals in the 3-0 win over Japan, and we wouldn’t back against him continuing against what could well be a rather unsettled Uruguay side post-‘bitegate’.

All in all, we’d advise you to budget for expensive strikers – the players who are most likely to continue scoring right through to the end of the competition won’t come cheap, so don’t waste time trying to sniff out bargains.

For example, you might fancy Joel Campbell or Emmanuel Emenike to score in the round of 16 but Costa Rica and Nigeria are unlikely to go all the way, meaning you’ll just be guaranteeing yourself more transfers later.

Think about who you expect to see in the semi-finals and go for them. Oh, and choose whoever you expect to score most as your team’s captain – simple, really

Happy selecting – we’ll be back with more World Cup Fantasy Football tips for the quarters!