World Cup Fantasy Football Tips, Quarter-Finals: Midfielders

Save your transfers as much as possible, for soon only four teams shall remain.

Thomas Müller, one of our World Cup Fantasy Football tips for the quarter-finals
Müller… You should probably have him already (Image: Steindy)

As educated guesses go, our World Cup Fantasy Football tips for midfielders in the quarter-finals are 12% more educated and a whopping 78% more guessed than the national average.

Several different versions of the game are proving to be popular so we can’t be specific on prices, but then your choices get less and less as more teams get knocked out anyway.


Anyway, on to the midfielders in the quarter-finals…

World Cup Fantasy Football Tips, Quarter-Finals: Midfielders

Fantastically entertaining as the 2014 World Cup has been, we don’t envisage there being too many goals in what looks like a set of evenly poised quarter-finals.

Holland v Costa Rica is probably the closest to being a foregone conclusion, and even then you’d be foolish to write off the chances of a side who have remained unbeaten throughout games against Uruguay, Italy, England and Greece, the latter with ten men.

The upshot of all this is that you should probably err on the side of caution in terms of making transfers – there might not be many high points scorers in this round, and since there will be a 3rd/4th place play-off match for the losing semi-finalists you shall soon, injuries and/or suspensions notwithstanding, be in the enviable position of no longer having to make enforced transfers.

Stick with players from teams you see winning their quarter-finals – Fantasy Football transfers are finite, so best save as many as possible for when only four teams remain, each with two matches still to play.

You should be familiar with the big-hitting midfielders thus far – Germany’s Thomas Müller and Colombia’s James Rodríguez, to name the top-scoring two – and if you fancy them to score again then perhaps you should consider making them captain.

Midfielders earn more points for goals, remember, so if you’re playing a version of the game that lists the aforementioned duo as midfielders – the Mirror Fantasy Football game, for instance – then there could be a lot of points on offer.

We’re certainly backing them – Germany and Colombia take on France and Brazil respectively, two sides who’ve not always looked particularly convincing so far.

Argentina’s reliance on Lionel Messi and general shot-shy-ness means we’d hesitate to recommend any of their midfielders – even Ángel di María, scorer of the last-gasp winner against Switzerland – but neither are they enough of a soft touch for us to recommend Belgium’s midfielders.

To summarise, expect tight quarter-final matches and shoot your transfer load once the final four remaining teams are decided. Good luck and happy selecting!