World Cup Awards for Brazil 2014: Gifs, gaffes, goofs, guffs and more!

Starring Miguel Herrera, Jonathan Pearce, Thomas Müller, Igor Akinfeev and Neymar's girlfriend.

Jonathan Pearce, winner of one of our World Cup Awards for Brazil 2014
PEARCE: Confusion (Image: Egghead06)

Our second round of World Cup Awards for Brazil 2014 looks back at the finest gifs, gaffes, goofs and guffs to have emerged from the tournament…

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Gifs of Brazil 2014

Mexico manager Miguel Herrera

The star of the tournament in his way, Herrera’s frenetic touchline antics made for such splendid giffing as the following…

dying. RT @Slate Miguel Herrera is the most GIF-worthy man at the World Cup, perhaps on earth: http://t.co/V4MXT0GpMk http://t.co/LM8EU35poh

— Lyra Pappin (@lyrapappin) June 24, 2014

…but he’s just as entertaining ‘au naturel’, as it were…

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Gaffes of Brazil 2014

Clarke Carlisle and Jonathan Pearce

When ITV co-commentator Carlisle cited Ecuador’s non-selection of Jackson Martínez as evidence of their strength in depth, he was subjected to such a spate of corrections that the words “Jackson Martínez is Colombian” trended on Twitter.

As a matter of fact, Martínez had appeared for Colombia the day before in their 3-0 win over Greece. Erstwhile Countdown contestant he may be, but Carlisle couldn’t wrap his noggin around that one.

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On the very same day as Clarke’s gaffe, BBC commentator Pearce underwent a total malfunction when France striker Karim Benzema cannoned one off the post, across the line and in off the Honduras goalkeeper’s arse.

Evidently denied the multiple replays we were instantly shown on the TV channel of his employ, the former Robot Wars caller simply couldn’t handle it when the stadium’s goal-line technology system replayed the initial, woodwork-hitting shot and declared ‘NO GOAL’.

Despite Pearce’s frenzied relaying of this declaration as final, many millions of people sat at home saying, “Well yeah, but next they’ll show it hitting the ‘keeper’s arse and going in, and it’ll be given as a goal.”

This thought, however, had clearly not occurred to a baffled Pearce, who was quite overcome by what he perceived as the officials changing their minds…

“Oh goodness me! They’ve changed their minds!” – arguably the quote of the World Cup. Even co-commentator Martin Keown was able to grasp the unfurling events, and he’s no rocket scientist.

Perhaps Pearce was jetlagged – he also made this gaffe a little later on…

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Goofs of the World Cup

Igor Akinfeev, Russia

Dropping his side in it…

Thomas Müller, Germany

A novel free kick routine…

Alejandro Sabella, Argentina manager

Gravity up to its old tricks…

Chortle! Oh, you guys!

Guffs of the World Cup

Hats off (in order to cover our nostrils and mouths) of whomsoever’s fart it was that so offended the senses of Neymar’s girlfriend here…

We’d also like to nominate the sporadic wafts of human waste that permeated the Brazilian air, no doubt enhanced by the offerings of the hordes of boozing football fans from all around the world.

We called it ‘the brown cloud’, and we shan’t even attempt to find an image representing it.

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