Tweets of the Week: Townsend tantrum, Heskey denial, Oggy spotted & more!

Modern family life with Lineker and Huckerby! Eternal youth in Bullard book! More besides!

Steve Ogrizovic, central to one of our Tweets of the Week
Ogrizovic… Spotted (Image: Twitter/Steve Froggatt)

Trend-setting Andros Townsend tantrum! Possible secret to eternal youth within Jimmy Bullard book! Modern family life with Gary Lineker and Darren Huckerby! Is it Tweets of the Week? Yes. Yes it is…

Trend-Setting Tantrum of the Week

Andros Townsend, Tottenham Hotspur

Just broke my phone playing FIFA…… Never a penalty!! pic.twitter.com/bn1beKYLl0

— andros townsend (@andros_townsend) June 2, 2014

@andros_townsend I feel the pain bro smashed my tv :/ pic.twitter.com/HeNpFK6PWX

— Dan France (@DanFrance99) June 2, 2014

@andros_townsend inknow what u mean geezer ,head butted my waudrobe door clean off smh pic.twitter.com/v6pQpzy4nP

— Kyle Gaulker (@gaulish10) June 2, 2014

Family Guy of the Week

Darren Huckerby, ex-Norwich City

Before and after shots of my Dogs haircut,wish Mrs looked like she lost as much timber when she's had her hair cut ! pic.twitter.com/zHBdE7ktS7

— Darren Huckerby (@hucks6dh6) June 3, 2014

Just dropped my lad off for his first job interview #WontBeLongBeforeIKickHimOut

— Darren Huckerby (@hucks6dh6) June 3, 2014

Proud Father of the Week

Gary Lineker, Match of the Day

@LinekerTobias: 4 to to go some how I always come out of the exam thinking I have smashed it…..” < First time for everything.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) June 3, 2014

Denial of the Week

Jack Sullivan, son of West Ham United co-owner David


— Jack Sullivan (@jsullivanwhu) June 3, 2014

Disillusionment of the Week

Alexi Lalas, ex-United States

Rio traffic was like US traffic. I thought it may be a more beautiful, rhythmic, and creative form of traffic. It was not. #WorldCup

— Alexi Lalas (@AlexiLalas) June 3, 2014

Saviour of the Week

This guy, for Accrington Stanley manager and former England striker James Beattie

@1jamesbeattie I'm the saviour that chucked your phone back up to you today

— Luke Davies (@LukeDavies69) June 3, 2014

@LukeDavies69: I'm the saviour that chucked your phone back up to you todayThanks Luke, don't know how it didn't break!! Take it easy

— James Beattie (@1jamesbeattie) June 3, 2014

@1jamesbeattie i thought id broke it when i threw it the first time! Pulled off a cracking catch to save it haha! You too!

— Luke Davies (@LukeDavies69) June 3, 2014

Possible Secret to Eternal Youth of the Week

Reading Jimmy Bullard’s book, if this person’s account of almost shedding a year is anything to go by…

@1JimmyBullard On holiday reading your book. It's absolutely belting and very funny. Even almost shed a year when you describe your injury

— Anonymous Ramblings (@RamblingsAnon) June 3, 2014

Ogrizovic Spotter of the Week

Steve Froggatt, ex-Coventry City

Great to see my mate Oggy at Edgbaston looking as cheerful as ever! pic.twitter.com/oBzYsq4cQA

— stevefroggatt (@Froggy123Steve) June 3, 2014

Education of the Week

That of this friend of Everton starlet Ryan Ledson

'Scotland's in England isn't it' @xlanavaughan

— Ryan Ledson (@RyanLedson97) June 3, 2014


Unlikely Pedant of the Week

Robbie Savage

It's grandad x RT @markchapman: @RobbieSavage8 good luck granddad

— Robbie Savage (@RobbieSavage8) June 4, 2014

Jermaine PedantJermaine Pedant says… Bravo, Robert!

Those were our Tweets of the Week. Tune in on Monday for our Tweets of the Weekend!