Tweets of the Week: Touré birthday, Mido incepts & more!

Aluko triple negative! Blasts from Man Utd past! Ineffectual 'ultimate player'! More besides!

Jesper Blomqvist and Ronny Johnsen, stars of one of our Tweets of the Week
Is that…Jesper Blomqvist and Ronny Johnsen?? By gum, it is… (Image: Twitter/Ronny Johnsen)

Yaya Touré birthday kerfuffle! Mido reviews Inception! Fifa ‘ultimate player’ falsehood! More besides! Is it Tweets of the Week? You can bet your sweet rump it is.


Now, on with the tweety goodness…

Vintage Birthday Cake of the Week

Ian Bishop, ex-Manchester City

No wonder Yaya was upset..this was my last birthday at #mcfc Thank you Joe..@DirofFootball pic.twitter.com/PxV77F5I9K

— Ian Bishop (@BishBlueHammer) May 21, 2014

Rush Job of the Week

Heineken’s ‘Ultimate Player’, as presented by David Ginola

What price the @heineken_uk #UltimatePlayer? pic.twitter.com/7OAH8jTOpS

— David Ginola (@DavidGinolaCeze) May 22, 2014

Doesn’t look like he’d be all that useful. Can he even stand up unsupported?

Where Are They Now? of the Week

Ronny Johnsen and Jesper Blomqvist, ex-Manchester United

Early morning music show with Jesper Blomquist in Jakarta. Nice to be here again pic.twitter.com/7vxePysgN2

— Ronny Johnsen (@JRonnyJohnsen) May 22, 2014

Triple Negative of the Week

Sone Aluko, Hull City

"A hater can't never say nothing around me" http://t.co/rkyWvC1bty

— Sone Aluko (@sonealuko) May 20, 2014

Apologies if that hurt your brain.

Outcast of the Week

Robbie Slater, ex-Blackburn Rovers, Southampton, West Ham United and Australia

For those that are asking how was the socceroos farewell dinner ? I don't know I wasn't invited !

— Robbie Slater (@RobbieSlater17) May 22, 2014

Film Connoisseur of the Week

Mido, ex-Tottenham Hotspur and Middlesbrough

Watching Inception for the third time hoping to understand it!! Too fucking complicated!!

— Mido (@midoahm) May 22, 2014

Chico Flores Fan of the Week

This guy

I @ChicoFlores12 pic.twitter.com/YxgjDiF9Vy

— I Premier League (@sametaydodufb) May 20, 2014

Vine of the Week

That shared by Luke Shaw, Southampton and England

@FootballVines: That awkward moment when you confuse a sunbather for a football https://t.co/sYNVAkDrQe

— Luke Shaw (@LukeShaw3) May 22, 2014

Those were our Tweets of the Week. Tune in on Monday for our Tweets of the Weekend!