Tweets of the Week: Cantona brother lookalike, Wilshere meets Drake and more!

Deulofeu narrowly averts Inbetweeners-style wardrobe malfunction! David May and Patrick Kielty! More!

Carlos Tevez, one of our stars of the show alongside Cantona brother
Tevez… Tender (Image: Twitter/Carlos Tevez)

Eric Cantona brother lookalike! Jack Wilshere and Ashley Young meet Drake! Deulofeu narrowly averts Inbetweeners-style wardrobe malfunction!

Is it Tweets of the Week? Damn straight…

Captain Haddock Lookalike of the Week

Eric Cantona’s brother

Between the two brothers Cantona pic.twitter.com/4bwNXHnbck

— Michel Salgado (@TheRealSalgado) March 27, 2014

Integration of the Week

Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere and Manchester United’s Ashley Young, into Drake’s inner circle

Great night @Drake loving the crew….

— Jack Wilshere (@JackWilshere) March 27, 2014

Really good @Drake concert last night. Went backstage after the show and met him, really cool guy. I'm sure my… http://t.co/wuX1J0kSvQ

— Ashley Young (@youngy18) March 12, 2014

Ferdinand Fanatic of the Week

Bixente Lizarazu, ex-France

Anton, anton, anton!

— Bixente Lizarazu (@BixeLizarazu) March 27, 2014

Narrowly Averted Wardrobe Malfunction of the Week

Gerard Deulofeu, Everton (on loan from Barcelona)

Felicitats amic! Gracies per cada moment. Disfruta del día!! #MUNIESA22 pic.twitter.com/TWlrlgbp9B

— Gerard Deulofeu (@gerardeulofeu) March 27, 2014

So close to a ‘Simon from Inbetweeners’, there.

Endorsement of the Week

Didn't see the game but I think in @D_Sturridge we've really found one.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) March 26, 2014

Endorsement of the Week II

Thanks to @richpremier from @premiersportsuk for the new car. As usual, great service !

— Ashley Young (@youngy18) March 27, 2014

Extreme Social Media of the Week

Marc Muniesa, Stoke City

Today is my birthday and I want to celebrate with you! How? You have to enter in this link: http://t.co/5DgKCUFvek

— Marc Muniesa (@muniesa92) March 27, 2014

BFFs of the Week

David May, ex-Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United, and TV’s Patrick Kielty

@keithwaynejac79: @DavidMay04 @PatricKielty great memories pic.twitter.com/zL14AGsNFj”good times paddy sneaking in the picture !!

— David May (@DavidMay04) March 26, 2014

Self-help Group of the Week

@moyesy same thing happened to me a few months back. It's bizarre and frustrating, but it'll (mostly) blow over.

— Ashley Van Buren (@avb) March 26, 2014

@avb yeah I heard, I'm very much looking forward to it blowing over! x

— Sarah Moyes (@moyesy) March 27, 2014

@moyesy @avb i dont think it will ever stop or blow over. I've had it really bad since aug'12. kudos to the witty humorous way you handle it

— RaviVisvesvaraPrasad (@rvp) March 27, 2014

@rvp @moyesy My guy gets fired a lot. So I get some breaks.

— Ashley Van Buren (@avb) March 27, 2014

Baby Photo of the Week

Carlos Tevez, Juventus

Grande victoria !!! Ahora a descansar, aunque hay alguien q no me deja dormir jaja te amo hijo!!! pic.twitter.com/Iwo2U2OD7x

— Carlitos Tevez (@carlitos3210) March 27, 2014

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