Tweets of the Week: Arsenal Schumacher message, Anelka celebration, Distin for England and more!

Controversial Nicolas Anelka celebration! Sylvain Distin for England! "False nein" coinage!

Arsenal... This time they're doing the supporting (Image: Twitter/Jack Wilshere)
Arsenal… This time they’re doing the supporting (Image: Twitter/Jack Wilshere)

Controversial Nicolas Anelka celebration! Sylvain Distin for England! “False nein” coinage! Is this Tweets of the Week? You can bet your sweet ass it isn’t not…

One-Liner of the Week

Gary Lineker, Match of the Day

Anelka has just missed an absolute sitter. Doing all he can to avoid having to celebrate.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) January 1, 2014

New Position of the Week

The ‘false nein’, for a misfiring German striker, as identified by Iain Macintosh, Mirror/ESPN

Arsenal aimless up front, missing the reassuring presence and startling good looks of Olivier Giroud. Podolski an underwhelming false nein.

— Iain Macintosh (@iainmacintosh) January 1, 2014

Thought-Provoking Read of the Week

Shared by David Prentice, Liverpool Echo

Thought provoking read. Why England should try and persuade @sylvaind15tin to partner Phil Jagielka at Brazil 2014 http://t.co/GPStPgd1bP

— David Prentice (@prenno) January 2, 2014

Dampener of the Week

Sylvain Distin, Everton

@prenno can't tell you why but I can tell you why not…. Because my old legs will need a break at the end of the season ha ha ha

— Sylvain Distin (@sylvaind15tin) January 2, 2014

Spot of the Week

Alan Myers, Director of Communications at Everton

Phil Mitchell's an Evertonian! Haha! pic.twitter.com/h4i7FLCrCv

— ALAN MYERS (@ALANMYERS1) January 1, 2014

Sentence That Would Have Seemed Quite Mad Just a Few Years Ago of the Week

Lewis Kinsella, Aston Villa

If I see one more flipagram on Instagram I'm gonna delete you

— Lewis Kinsella (@Lewis_kinsella) January 2, 2014

Shout-Out of the Week

Arsenal, for Michael Schumacher

Get Well Soon Schumacher! #Legend pic.twitter.com/eSwub2rjbj

— Jack Wilshere (@JackWilshere) January 1, 2014

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