Top 10 Wanda Nara photos

Wanda Nara photos after the 'Wanda Derby', a clash based on the fiancée of Inter's Mauro Icardi who was previously married to Sampdoria's Maxi López.

Taken before the 'Wanda Derby', but not quite one of the top 10 Wanda Nara photos
PEPSI: Nara (Image: Twitter/Wanda Nara)

The top 10 Wanda Nara photos after Sampdoria’s loss to Inter Milan in the Wanda Derby, a clash that centres around the fiancée of Inter’s Mauro Icardi who was previously married to Sampdoria’s Maxi López.


Although López snubbed a handshake with Icardi before the start of the game, he was unable to prevent the Milanese side coming away with a 0-4 win.

The Guardian describe the unusual situation in a quite remarkable match report:

The Wanda in question was Wanda Nara, the fiancee of Inter’s Mauro Icardi. Previously married to Sampdoria’s Maxi López, she had three sons with him before they separated in late 2013. Soon afterwards, she and Icardi announced that they were an item. They had met while he was playing alongside López for Samp in 2012-13.

On the surface this looked like a grand betrayal. The two players were understood to have been good friends at Sampdoria, sharing a natural bond as Argentinian strikers playing abroad. López, nine years Icardi’s senior, had supposedly taken his young colleague under his wing – only to have his wife stolen away in return.

Nara tells the story rather differently, informing the gossip magazine Chi that she had walked out on López only after he cheated on her first. “I persevered out of love for our children,” she said. “I forgave him so many times that I don’t even know how I did it … When I started my relationship with Mauro, I had already divorced Maxi López.”

Whatever’s going on, take a look at the top ten Wanda Nara photos below: