Top 10 Veronica Graf photos

The top 10 Veronica Graf photos after claiming she cheated on Saphir Taïder in a foursome with Mario Balotelli, his brother Enoch and another woman.

It's great, but it didn't quite make the top 10 Veronica Graf photos
(Image: Twitter/Veronica Graf)

A collection of the top 10 Veronica Graf photos after the Playboy model claimed on Big Brother Italy that she cheated on her boyfriend, Inter Milan’s Saphir Taïder, having had a foursome with AC Milan’s Mario Balotelli, his brother Enoch Balotelli and another woman.

The reality show contestant is said to have had sex with the Balotelli brothers a week prior to the start of the show.

The saucy model also apparently suggested that she had been recently approached by none other than Napoli forward Gonzalo Higuaín as well!

The television broadcasters censored her statements due to possible legal issues, but the story has been widely reported in the Italian media.

Following the admission that has rocked Italian football, check out this selection of the top 10 Veronica Graf photos:

Procede l'estate a Ibiza…. pic.twitter.com/borhY66F0w

— Veronica Graf (@GrafVeronica) August 5, 2013

Da questa sera Italia1 tutte le domeniche su LUCIGNOLO! pic.twitter.com/WP6hyf4pnf

— Veronica Graf (@GrafVeronica) January 12, 2014

Pausa relax dal lavoro ?????? pic.twitter.com/nXKvcdquXg

— Veronica Graf (@GrafVeronica) April 26, 2013

Milano Marittima ??? sono tornata!! pic.twitter.com/dcE9ZV0ngK

— Veronica Graf (@GrafVeronica) August 22, 2013

After shots ???????????? pic.twitter.com/RFJyUWodfb

— (@GrafVeronica) March 5, 2013

Universityyyy pic.twitter.com/yigZvQFP7j

— Veronica Graf (@GrafVeronica) March 1, 2013


— (@GrafVeronica) February 12, 2013


— Veronica Graf (@GrafVeronica) February 8, 2013

@R4Ronlus pic.twitter.com/cGEbO16w

— (@GrafVeronica) November 19, 2012


— Veronica Graf (@GrafVeronica) November 21, 2012