10 more things that cost the same as Gareth Bale

Including Aer Lingus, animatronic dinosaurs, six hotels and thirty landmine-resistant military vehicles.

ATF Dingo
Thirty of these bad boys (Image: funky1opti)

One month ago we listed ten things that cost or amounted to the same as the £85m/100m Euros that Real Madrid appeared willing to pay Tottenham Hotspur for Gareth Bale.

Well, now the deal’s happened and the fee remains the same – so, you know, here are ten more things that cost the same as the most expensive football player of all time…(oi! Click on each ‘thing’ in question to read more about it)…

10 more things that cost the same as Gareth Bale

1. Thirty heavily armoured military vehicles designed to withstand land mines, rifle fire, artillery fragments and NBC-threats

2. Three big freighter aircrafts

3. Six hotels

4. A fossil attraction in Dorset that would include thousands of fossils currently being stored by the Natural History Museum, as well as animatronic dinosaurs and “immerse experiences which enable visitors to experience the Earth as it was in the Mesozoic period when Dorset was home to spectacular marine dinosaurs” – these plans are supported by Sir David Attenborough, the Eden Project’s Tim Smit and science writer Mike Hanlon

5. Aer Lingus

6. The Nürburgring motorsports complex, widely considered to be the most demanding and difficult purpose-built racing circuit in the world

7. The estimated value of gems stolen from the Carlton Hotel, Cannes, making it one of the biggest gem robberies in Europe this century

8. BMW’s investment into the Chinese car market, to be channeled into the purchase of equipment for an auto manufacturing factory and a center for economic research in China

9. A 200-hectare development site in Morocco including outline planning consent for several hotels, a commercial centre, marina, beach club, spa, gym, health club, water sports centre, tennis club, equestrian facility, luxury villas and apartments – AND an 18-hole championship standard golf course designed by Nick Faldo

10. The amount Germany lent the Libyan opposition in 2011 to ease a growing humanitarian crisis in rebel-controlled parts of the country

Do you know of anything else that cost(s) the same as the 100m Euros Real Madrid have paid Spurs for Gareth Bale? Have your say in the comments section down there somewhere…