This week’s most boring tweets: Enrique, Ashton, Holt, Huckerby, O’Hara, De Laet

Former Norwich City, Crewe Alexandra and West Ham United centre-forward Dean Ashton
Ashton… Nice bit of breakfast with the wife (Img: Keven Law)

Twitter has opened up many doors, but a fair few of them lead straight into a footballer tweeting something so mind-numbingly inane that you just want break down and cry at what is becoming of the world. Here are some examples of such from the past week…

Jamie O’Hara

The sidelined Wolverhampton Wanderers midfielder didn’t realise how cold it’s getting…

At the German market in Birms with family, didn’t realise how cold it’s getting

— Jamie o’hara (@mrjamieohara) November 18, 2012

Football Burp says...says… Yowsers!

Craig Eastmond

The Colchester United midfielder, on loan from Arsenal, was watching a Championship tussle…(although he presumably took his eye off the game to send this important update to his followers)…

Watching millwall vs Leeds

— Craig Eastmond (@craigleastmond) November 18, 2012

Football Burp says...says… Zoiks!

He then embarked upon the following adventure…

That was a nice hot bath now watchin football#justsaying

— Craig Eastmond (@craigleastmond) November 18, 2012

Football Burp says...says… Waaaarrrggghhh!

Ritchie De Laet

The Leicester City defender was in insightful mood…

I hate Sundays don’t know way just don’t like them

— ritchie de laet (@de_laet_r) November 18, 2012

Football Burp says...says… Gadzooks!

Max Rushden

The Soccer AM presenter felt compelled to write…

I am in Robert dyas looking for a tin opener. #utensilnews

— Max Rushden (@maxrushden) November 18, 2012

Football Burp says...says… Unbelievable, Jeff!

Jose Enrique

The Liverpool left-back had some shock news…

In the training ground having some breakfast then training day. Have a good day ;)

— jose enrique sanchez (@jose3enrique3) November 19, 2012

Football Burp says...says… Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay!

Darren Huckerby

The former Norwich City forward was a celebrity for a bit, should you choose to disingenuously read his tweet that way…

#imacelebrity for a bit

— Darren Huckerby (@hucks6dh6) November 21, 2012

Football Burp says...says… What was it like?

Louis Saha

The Sunderland striker is learning Spanish…

Just finished my 2nd spanish lesson. Love it.

— louis saha (@louissaha08) November 22, 2012

Football Burp says...says… No Spanish for us, Louis?

Britt Assombalonga

The Southend United forward, on loan from Watford, was experiencing a first world problem…

Wake up to my phone being 29% battery ??

— Britt Assombalonga (@BrittOfficials) November 23, 2012

Football Burp says...says… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Grant Holt

The Norwich City centre-forward was having breakfast with Mrs Holt…

Just sat having breakfast with mrs holt.

— Grant holt (@Grantholt31) November 27, 2012

Football Burp says...says… See?

Dean Ashton

This week’s Boring Award goes to former Crewe Alexandra, Norwich City and West Ham United forward Dean Ashton, whose Q&A session turned up the following revelations…

“@billybuck10: @dean36ashton10 would you rather be insanely cold or insanely hot?”Cold

— Dean Ashton (@Dean36ashton10) November 21, 2012

“@benj_hayes97: @dean36ashton10 How did you feel after the FA Cup final loss?”Devastated

— Dean Ashton (@Dean36ashton10) November 21, 2012

…and the following confusing one…

“@jonesr87: @dean36ashton10 what were u feelin when u put the Alex 1-0 up against Everton #facup”Ledge

— Dean Ashton (@Dean36ashton10) November 21, 2012

Congratulations to Dean!

Have you spotted any especially boring footballers’ tweets lately? Have your say in the comments section below…