The best #ThankYouTonyPulis tweets as hashtag is hijacked

Tony Pulis leaves Crystal Palace and Twitter reminisces about the 3-3 draw with Liverpool in May 2014.

Tony Pulis was shown gratitude for the 3-3 draw with Liverpool from fans of many clubs via the #ThankYouTonyPulis hashtag as he left Crystal Palace
THANKED: Pulis (Image: Andrew Stuart)

The #ThankYouTonyPulis hashtag has not seen so much action since May 2013 when Tony left Stoke, but it was soon trending again with tributes from Crystal Palace fans alongside rival supporters expressing their gratitude for the 3-3 draw against Liverpool in the final few weeks of last season.

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Palace overcame a 3-0 deficit at Selhurst Park in May to effectively end Liverpool’s title hopes and the baying tweeters were quick reminisce about Brendan Rodgers’s side’s disappointing end to the previous Premier League campaign.

Don’t miss the best #ThankYouTonyPulis tweets as the hashtag is hijacked by Liverpool haters:

#ThankYouTonyPulis pic.twitter.com/78w1mTHhGZ

— Karam (@BusbysWay) August 14, 2014

DWIGHT GAYLEEEEEEE IT'S 3-3!! #ThankYouTonyPulis

— Ismaeel (@ThatBoyGiggsy_) August 14, 2014

#ThankYouTonyPulis pic.twitter.com/TEYJg8kcum

— SHIRAZ (@shiraznawaz) August 14, 2014

#ThankYouTonyPulis pic.twitter.com/lSuZC52iDP

— Moustache Gabz (@GabzBenony96) August 14, 2014

#ThankYouTonyPulis http://t.co/GTG8U3nvV6

— Welbz is dat guy (@IrfaanShofir) August 14, 2014

#ThankYouTonyPulis – precious precious memories pic.twitter.com/sq3ASDoClH

— markus (@webbounited) August 14, 2014

#ThankYouTonyPulis pic.twitter.com/GbimSUgS91

— Michael Keshani (@RoamingLibero) August 14, 2014

#ThankYouTonyPulis pic.twitter.com/0yJafx6Euz

— Andy (@__AndyH) August 14, 2014

We all love you Tony. Thanks for the memories #ThankYouTonyPulis pic.twitter.com/wF0OQgXdKP

— City Rising (@cityrising17) August 14, 2014

For making Suarez cry #ThankYouTonyPulis

— losriley (@losriley) August 14, 2014

I don't have work tomorrow and get paid at midnight.. ?? #ThankYouTonyPulis

— mr.brightside (@BraylonBush) August 14, 2014

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