The best replies to Karren Brady’s £9 salad tweet

Irons fans queue up to point out the, er, irony.

This £9 salad infuriated Karren Brady
OFFENDING: Salad (Image: Twitter/Karren Brady)

West Ham United vice-chairman Karren Brady was incredulous on last night’s episode of The Apprentice when a contestant tried to charge someone £9 for a salad…

£9 for a salad! pic.twitter.com/FI7b4w5QDe

— Lady Karren Brady (@karren_brady) October 14, 2015

Needless to say, the irony was not lost on Irons fans – here are the best replies to Karren Brady’s £9 salad tweet…

The irony of charging almost £100 for 90 minutes of football is clearly lost on her. https://t.co/4GfIJnWDcp

— James Marsh. (@JamesMarshwhufc) October 14, 2015

@karren_brady That means, you can buy 8.33 salads per restricted view tickets you sell for West Ham v Chelsea at £75 each. #Maths

— Champagne Charlie (@tweetinghopkins) October 15, 2015

You paid £18,000,000 for Andy Carroll https://t.co/OTOzq0upn2

— MB. (@markbritton7) October 14, 2015

@karren_brady suppose that's alright then, only £96 for a bloke to take him and his lad to a game

— Sam Macdonald (@SamMacDonald_) October 15, 2015

"@karren_brady £9 for a salad!" I'm just gonna leave this here… @twentys_plenty pic.twitter.com/3XvQhc8Ykf

— Joe Lockhart (@JoeyL14) October 14, 2015

@karren_brady better than paying £45 for an under 16 ticket

— (@DareToOscar) October 14, 2015

@karren_brady How much did the olympic stadium cost again? Just asking

— TOE (@TAKTIKT0E) October 14, 2015

@karren_brady WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSSSEE pic.twitter.com/0mtVmgiMTQ

— (@DareToOscar) October 14, 2015

@karren_brady and you sanction £75 for a restricted view seat at Upton Park! £60 for a disabled fan #greed #TwentysPlenty

— steve (@cfcMode) October 15, 2015