The best Norwegian Crab Pots videos

The Norwegian Crab Pots in action
Crab Pots… Norwegian (Image: YouTube/Norwegian Crab Pots)

Meet the Norwegian Crab Pots, makers of comedy football instructional videos. Creators of How to play like Luis Suárez, How to play like Stoke and many more past hits.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out their latest creation – How to play like Mario Balotelli, a guide designed to teach you “exactly how to be lazy, how to celebrate and how to act just like AC Milan’s cult hero”.

Now take a look at the rest.

Here are the best Norwegian Crab Pots videos:

How NOT to celebrate

Have you ever wondered how you should NOT celebrate? Well, here’s the answer!

How to play like Barcelona

How to play like Barcelona! A brand new video from Norwegian Crab Pots!

How to play like Stoke

Learn the art of the mighty Stoke City playing style!

How to celebrate like Football Managers

After watching this, YOU will know how to celebrate like the greatest football managers the world has ever seen!

How to play like Luis Suárez

How to play like Liverpool’s superstar Luis Suarez! Learn the playing style and the tricks and cheats to become the ultimate cult hero! We love you, Luis!