The best Match of the Day tweets from midweek special

Relive the marvellous midweek treat with the best Match of the Day tweets and jokes.

The programme that brought about the Match of the Day tweets from the entertaining midweek special
WEDNESDAY WIN: Match of the Day (Image: BBC Sport)

The #MOTD hashtag was alive and kicking last night as BBC 1 broadcast the nation’s favourite programme, relive the marvellous midweek treat with the best Match of the Day tweets.

Twitter was buzzing as Mourinho looked depressed while goals flew in elsewhere and Martin Keown was sat in the studio wearing an unusual outfit.

It’s the alternative commentary to last night’s show in the form of Match of the Day tweets and jokes:

So we get stuck with Gary Lineker whilst the Italian match of the day is hosted by her: #motd pic.twitter.com/U79bUXyHAM

— Thomas Greenway (@thomas_greenway) January 28, 2014

Realising there's a weekday #MOTD is the same feeling as finding a tenner in an old pair of jeans

— Hayden Woolley (@millsandboom) January 29, 2014

#motd tonight pic.twitter.com/1AXm4Nqqkz

— ?TOM?? (@t0mr_) January 29, 2014

Attacking + attractive = attracking #motd

— Mr Annor (@Kofi1694) January 29, 2014

Martin keown.. Where did you get those clothes from?.. The toilet store? #motd #bricktamland

— pluggie. (@Pluggiie) January 29, 2014

Alan Hansen going in on the vocab tonight: "Rhetoric", "Mesmeric", "Dismissed with consummate ease". #motd

— Jonjon Spencer (@JonjonSpencer) January 29, 2014

I've got a similar shirt and tie to what Martin Keown. Is wearing tonight…which is subsequently now going in the bin #motd

— Simon (@simon_172) January 29, 2014

Martin Keown looks like a new Geography teacher at his first parents' evening

— Robert Tyson (@TheTysonReport) January 29, 2014

Lol why man rushing to get the ball out the net as if it's the last 5 minutes #motd

— Devil Advocate (@PMAN134) January 29, 2014

Delph just hit a Robbie fowler

— leon knight (@leonknight1982) January 29, 2014

How is Paul Lambert not wearing a coat? Remarkable #MOTD #AVFC

— Dan Walker (@mrdanwalker) January 29, 2014

Paul lambert looks like he should be a manager at currys

— Jonathan Page (@PonnyJage) January 29, 2014

#motd Is it me or is Gary Lineker presenting the programme in the style of Colombo?

— Graemefowler (@GFoxyFowler) January 29, 2014

Is Martin Keown pulling off the tie on ? Not usual is it. Haha

— Lee Ryder (@lee_ryder) January 29, 2014

Anyone else see Crouch fall over on #motd ? Took about eight seconds.

— Jamie Reed (@jreedmp) January 29, 2014

How skinny are Sammy Ameobi's legs?!

— Jak Harris (@SharkyCufc) January 30, 2014