The best Aston Villa v WBA pitch invasion tweets from FA Cup quarter-final

Multiple tweets for multiple pitch invasions during the FA Cup quarter-final clash.

The Aston Villa v West Bromwich Albion pitch invasion tweets came live from the FA cup quarter-final action
PLEASED WITH WIN: Aston Villa fans (Image: YouTube/Bronxy Media)

After multiple Aston Villa v WBA pitch invasions during the FA Cup quarter-final clash, check out the best tweets from the heated affair.

There were crazy scenes at Villa Park as the match descended into chaos with home fans seemingly keen to enter the field of play at every opportunity and West Brom supporters throwing seats around.

Villa captain Fabian Delph reported being bitten by his own fans as well as having the armband and one of his boots stolen in the melee.

Much-respected Baggies boss Tony Pulis confirmed those on the pitch were “mindless idiots”, while hard-nut Villa manager Tim Sherwood said he “understood their emotions”.

These are the best Aston Villa v WBA pitch invasion tweets and jokes:

Who said linesmen can't keep up with play? https://t.co/TyJLf4w6cL #AVFCvWBA

— KICCA (@KICCASPORT) March 7, 2015

What were the chances two people with this terrible hair style would meet in a pitch invasion? #AVFCvWBA pic.twitter.com/yZIPkGsf8k

— Sam Gillies (@samuelgillies) March 7, 2015

How Brian Clough dealt with pitch invaders. https://t.co/hvMmiuPwnw

— Soccer St. (@SoccerSt_) March 7, 2015

Mum of the year #AVFCvWBA pic.twitter.com/NkNwSHUadP

— Luke Martin (@lukebamedia) March 7, 2015

No caption needed. #AVFCvWBA pic.twitter.com/k5NSnrYkiX

— Andy Scott (@AndyScott_) March 7, 2015

Calling all my #AVFC followers…someone's nicked Delphys armband. Kitmans a superstitious chap #returnofthearmband

— Alex Butler (@bigal2881) March 7, 2015

But first of all, let me take a selfie… #avfc pic.twitter.com/0vGVDUvs38

— Terrace Life (@TerraceLife_) March 7, 2015

When Villa win a throw in… pic.twitter.com/ydXDBOJfoY

— All Football News (@AllFootballLive) March 7, 2015

'People were biting me, it was scary' – Delph on Villa Park pitch invasion pic.twitter.com/6AWttU5Bkh

— BreatheSport (@BreatheSport) March 7, 2015

Tony Pulis escaped attack on the Villa Park pitch today as he was dressed like the pitch invaders.

— East Lower (@Arsenes_Glasses) March 7, 2015

How did that Villa fan get the dildo into the ground? It must have been concealed somewhere……oh.

— Adam Barnfield (@AdamBActual) March 8, 2015

With this pressing these villa fans could play for dortmund https://t.co/KkEbwK9yy0

— Levi (@Azpiesque) March 8, 2015