Ten things that cost the same as Martín Demichelis

Including 42 new care homes, a new health centre and the UK's largest biomethane-to-grid project.

Martín Demichelis
Demichelis… To think, they could have had a health centre instead (Image: Jan S0L0)

Martín Demichelis jokes are once again en vogue following his calamitous performance in Manchester City’s 1-2 FA Cup quarter-final defeat at the hands of Wigan Athletic.

It was the latest in a series of less-than-impressive showings from the £4.2m Argentine, so we got wondering: what else can four point two million of Her Majesty’s pounds get you these days?

Here are ten recent examples of things that cost the same as Martín Demichelis…

1. The building of 42 new homes in West Cumbria designed “designed specifically to allow vulnerable people who may normally need hospital or residential care to continue to lead independent lives”.

2. Motorway services work that will create 70 new jobs.

3. Extra flood repair around Wales.

4. Improved standards of buses in Scotland.

5. A revamp of Exeter Central Library.

6. A new health centre in Glenrothes.

7. The building of the UK’s largest biomethane-to-grid project, purported to be “central to a groundbreaking UK renewable energy project”.

8. Thirteen years’ worth of maintenance of Eagle Point power station in Westville, New Jersey.

9. A truck park just off the A1 near Leeming, North Yorkshire.

10. The total earnings last year of Standard Life Investments boss Keith Skeoch.

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