Jonny Forumer: Wigan fans debate whether Spurs win justifies fielding weakened side in League Cup

Jonny ForumerWho cares what a bunch of disinterested hacks have to say when you can get the skinny direct from those to whom it matters most? Well, good news – Football Burp’s very own Jonny Forumer, lurker extraordinaire, is here to collate choice message board analysis so you can get the lowdown from the people who really know what they’re on about. Take it away, Jonny…

Morning folks, Jonny Forumer signing in. The knives were our for Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez after his severely weakened side crashed out of the League Cup at the hands of Bradford City, but it’s safe to say that Saturday’s 1-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane has justified the Spaniard’s decision to juggle his resources. I hotfooted it on down to online Latics joints This Northern Soul and Cockney Latic to see what the good folk there had to say about it all…

Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez
Martinez… Great resoolt (Img: Hindleyite)

griff, Cockney Latic…

I’d expect one or two of our posters to be a little bit sheepish tonight but the chances are we won’t hear a peep out of them until we’ve been knocked out of the FA cup by playing a weakened side.

springfield, This Northern Soul…

9 changes to the team that lost to Bradford.

1 change (Kone) sat on the bench for might have kept us in the cup had we risked him for 30 mins

The one who played in Both games WATSON scores the winning goal at Spurs.

If your looking for proof that playing more football is better, than being sat on your arse, then there it is. Lol.

To throw this competition away after all the previous hard work was done is mind boggling to say the least.

salford_latic44, Cockney Latic…

There is no way we could of kept that sort of effort up over 95 minutes had we put the first team out against Bradford.

Its all good and well saying players on their wages should be able to play 2 games a week and I am sure they can… Alot better than the posters who think they could on here too.

But at Tottenham away you need to give 110% which is exactly what we did today.

Getting knocked out by Bradford is it a shambles or just one more Robert Martinez masterstroke.


Old_Wolf, This Northern Soul…

I’ve always maintained that you play your strongest team in every game. Maybe you can make the odd change, but any more and you risk the result and angering your fans. That’s been proved time and time again at a lot of clubs and too many times here to be happy about.

filmoss, Cockney Latic…

Did our scorer not play a full 90mins the other night ? Just saying !

Sleeplessnights, This Northern Soul…

Boys in the clear light of day isn’t the 3 points we picked up yesterday better. The big prize is staying in the Prem.

JPC01, Cockney Latic…

Didn’t Ramis /Watson play 120 and another 90 today ??

Not sure we’re talking about the first 11 going out at Bradford, maybe a couple more than the one outfield player (Ramis) who played against West Ham.

Without wishing to go over old ground, one early goal (game over) and Bobby could have gone to town, substituting /blooding more youngsters (resting the ‘old, established’ for Saturday).

Might also have allowed the likes of Maloney, Kone etc. to get on the score sheet, instilling them with confidence /sharpness for today (fortunately, Watson took his chance)

Take a look at Swansea – same core have played against City last week, Liverpool in mid-week and Chelsea today – they haven’t done too badly.

Spurs were in the Capital cup also this week. Faced more difficult tie on paper than ours …

springfield, This Northern Soul…

It was a different team that lost to Bradford and that won against West Ham and County. Just as it was a different team that got 3 points against Spurs. As much as the tactics were wrong against Bradford they were right against Spurs. Losing to Bradford wasn’t the reason we won against Spurs, and it didn’t have to be an either or. The fact that Watson played in both games proved that’s not the case.

salford_latic44, Cockney Latic…

Do I think Martinez plotted to lose in the cup on purpose as part of a master plan to win today so he can turn around A team style with a cigar in his mouth and proclaim “I love it when a plan comes together”

No probably not.

It was as Filmoss would say a wooden spoon in the works.

None the less the end result is the same.

Fair enough Ramis and Watson played the other night but they were hardly run ragged by Bradfords attack were they….

If Kone had played he would have had plenty of running to do.

The team out against Bradford was good enough to win it so there was nothing devious on Roberto’s part.

Which is why I don’t agree with people laying the blame at his door.

Old_Wolf, This Northern Soul…

It depends on your point of view. I want us to win every game and the approach we take in cup games doesn’t fit with that. We played weakened teams last season against Palace and Swindon, lost both and then lost the following league game. There’s no argument it was a fine win yesterday, but let’s not paper over the cracks with it.

jim, This Northern Soul…

Very true, but thankfully the cracks are hairline and not structural faults. For me this is the first season we can go into almost any game with a decent level of confidence in the team, yes we will lose more than we win, but we are now solid(ish) at the back and can create chances against anybody, finishing them however .

StandishWalker, Cockney Latic…

My take on it is, Martinez used the Bradford game to give a bit of playing time to the fringe players and keep them happy – so more, no less.

I don’t think the first teamers were rested for the Spurs game in particular, and his focus of attention was on those that played in the Bradford game not those that didn’t.

Less first teamers started against Bradford because, on paper, less of them needed to, and Martinez saw it as a chance to get more fringe players on the pitch than in previous rounds.

So, as much as I’m a supporter of Martinez, I don’t think the today’s result is a masterstroke, and even had there been no game this weekend, I think you’d have seen the same starting eleven on Tuesday.

Obviously all just my opinion.

Do you agree with Martinez’s recent selection policy, Wigan fans? Have your say in the comments section below…