Jonny Forumer: West Ham fans react to 4-1 win over Saints

Jonny Forumer

Morning folks, Jonny Forumer reporting for duty. West Ham United may be flying high under Sam Allardyce after Saturday’s 4-1 win over Southampton at Upton Park, but Irons fans – specifically the good folk over at online Hammers joints Knees Up Mother Brown and West Ham Online – are keeping their feet on the ground in the wake of a performance not without its faults…

West Ham United manager Sam Allardyce
Allardyce… Dyce on a roll (Img: Tal Ofer)

bspur1, Knees Up Mother Brown…

Superb second Half.

carroll almost MOM again despite not scoring – just works so hard
Yossi – again struggled to find his touch but work so hard and eventually was able to do a few nice things.

All 3 interchanges contributed
Oneil – nothing flash about him , works his arse off for the team, definatley has a place t come on and close out games
Spence two very nice through balls – jarvis should of scored the first one
Maiga- what a goal

I too noticed Nolan not only ran to congratulate him but stayed and spoked to him and embraced him for a lot longer.

Sam has the team playing for each other, our “Flair players” Yossi, Nolan jarvis etc all work there butts off which is great to see.

Very pleasing.

Baggins, West Ham Online…

A big positive for me was the performance defensively and in particular the back four. Some of our regular back four get alot of stick on here…. but Southhampton hardly had a sniff of a chance yesterday even in the first half when they had a fair bit of the ball. Not conceding paved the way for the fun and games at the start of the second half, so well done to them.

Yossi getting an assist and Maiga scoring that cracker at the end were also highlights.

Negative was the first half going forward. It was pretty awful. But it’s a long season and that will happen from time to time.

torrensillehammer, Knees Up Mother Brown…

Right. I am well pissed and its 3am here, F#$### great wasnt it!
We are not going to get relegated this year. Yossi and Maiga are better than Cole and vaz t. There, ive said it. That goal of Maiga’s was out of this world. He has talent and that is why we spent a gazillion pounds on him. He will lead the line if Andy goes in the near or distant future.

Onto Yossi, he has more talent in his little pinkt than ….., well, a lot we consider to be good. His roles last season on loan showed that TOP tems think he is gold and around here it is a rare commodity.
With Yossi and Maiga with Kevin Bloody nolan on fire we go to a level that i cannot remember in recent memory.
Even without parker, we seem more balanced and hard to predict. With Scotts run of recent injuries no doubt mark noble and to a lesser extent Diamme have proved a more reliable attacking component to our midfield. Geebus that was good tonight!!!!

Sir Alf, West Ham Online…

Agree that the Fat Man has brought organisation and a system of play that, not always pretty, is effective for the players we have.

And that is the point. Its pragmatism. Longer term I like many would want us to be able to play more like the Chelseas, Manchester clubs and Arsenal with decent pass and move football, 1 and 2 touch at speed etc… But with the odd 1 or possibly 2 season exception, to play that way and be successful you have to invest in better players than we can currently afford IMO. Some will say look at Swansea and Norwich and other examples in previous seasons but as we kind of expected, the second season, teams know about you and trying to play the more pleasing pass and move style or possession football becomes more difficult. Outside of the teams mentioned at the top, who is really playing in a cavalier, pleasing style ? Sure Fulham and WBA play more to feet and so do others but they aint that much more entertaining.

I see BFS as the perfect man at this point in our history and if we can sort out the finances I would love him to be given a bigger budget and see what he can do with it. He has never really had that even at the Barcodes. Some will say he will just buy another bunch of 6 foot eight african players but I aint so sure. On a budget he will always choose brawn, height and strength over speed and technique but his purchase of Jarvis shows that he does appreciate the finer side of the game.

fmgod, Knees Up Mother Brown…

Yossi on the ball is just a different class, the confidence, touch, vision etc just a level up from what we have.

Norflundon, West Ham Online…

I thought we were poor today but you can’t knock winning 4-1 well you don’t play well united have won titles doing that
Reid was mom for me which sums our performance up
Benayoun although not outstanding was good today
Noble did ok Nolan did ok first half but disappeared in the second
Diame did what he’s been doing all season some great work but with no end product
Jarvis flitted in and out of the game
McCartney was poor as I thought Collins and Tomkins were
All in all just average but we took our chances

How far can Allardyce take the club, West Ham fans? Have your say in the comments section below…