Jonny Forumer: Sheffield Wednesday fans debate Jones impact

Jonny ForumerWho cares what a bunch of disinterested hacks have to say when you can get the skinny direct from those to whom it matters most? Well, good news – Football Burp’s very own Jonny Forumer, lurker extraordinaire, is here to collate choice message board analysis so you can get the lowdown from the people who really know what they’re on about. Take it away, Jonny…

Morning folks, Jonny Forumer signing in. Dave Jones may have got Sheffield Wednesday promoted to the Championship but, after just one win in ten games, sections of the Hillsborough faithful were beginning to question the Owls manager’s judgement. The weekend’s 3-0 win at Ipswich Town brought the debate into sharp focus, so I hotfooted it over to online Wednesday joint Owlstalk to find folks rallying back in support of their boss…

Dave Jones
Jones… Hailed (Img: Jon Candy)


Keep on ignoring the idiots who have no idea what they’re on about who try and get you fired, and just continue building our football club back towards the Premiership..






People have had every right to question him, but over the last three games he has got us heading in a more positive direction and fair play to him. Sounds as if we couldve had about 5 or 6 today, thankfully we stuck a fair few away.

Shame the teams around us (bar Ipswich) seemed to get their own results.


“People have had every right to question him” – That’s the thing though



When he walked into our club and went on an incredible unbeaten run and got us promotion (and tidied up a mess that Megson left) he earned the right to a full season with no abuse, doubt, pressure or demands for him to go

He’s a total class manager who knows what he’s doing

Chavs playing football manager aren’t in any position to sit in judgement of Dave Jones – the fella’s a total hero and right up there are one of the best managers we have EVER had


Ignore the idiots and carry on taking us to success (where those calling for your head will undoubtedly jump back on the bandwagon and pretend they were always behind you)


When you pick up 1 point in 21 then I’m sorry but you do. It doesnt mean you want him sacked but its healthy to do so. I appreciate your posts are usually tongue in cheek, but mindless cheerleading is just as bad as mindless booing.

Glad he’s turned it around anyway. Peterborough will be an interesting one, they seemed to have turned it around too and we dont seem to like going there.


He picked the right team today.

Just as he did against Leeds.

Unfortunately he couldn’t at Blackburn.

But if we can get this team having a run together, hopefully the improved performance continue and we start putting some more points on the board.


Fans were right to question him given the horrific run WE were on. Steadily though, it appears WE’VE improved in the past couple of games and that’s pleasing to see. Tonight’s victory is a step in the right direction but this will only be a good result if WE continue to back it up by winning our game next week and trying to put together a run of form which can take us further up the table. A defeat next week and fans will only presume that this has papered over the cracks because WE were playing a dire Ipswich side.

Still, nevertheless. Enjoy it!

Well done Dave Jones, and the team.


Well made points…..BUT before we get carried away lets remember just one thing……Ross Barkley who scored two today aint our player!

Anyone remember a kid called Ben somebody or other last season………

Enjoy for now folks…..


Well done DJ. Great result today. My criticism of DJ has been too much change too quick. Last three or four games he seems to have decided on 9 out of his 11, and the results are coming as a result. Fans have a right to question the managers decisions, doesnt mean they want him sacked. Well apart from a few chavs but who cares about them anyway? Theyve got Jerymy Kyle to concentrate on


im no chav, and ive never even seen football manager in my life, anyone who didnt question team selection, signings or tactics over the last few weeks , was either walking around with their eves shut, retarded, or on the special wing in rampton, 90% of people who questioned some of his decisions never asked for him to be sacked, and if you think all thats happened in the last 11 games was correct then im afraid you are beyond help

Lawrie Maddens Hump…

Without doubt our best manager in a long long time. Time will tell!

What do you think of the job Dave Jones is doing at Hillsborough, Sheffield Wednesday fans? Have your say in the comments section below…